Friday Review - It Better Not Rain

Benn read Filter Magazine:

While I generally try to thumb through and keep up with all the music magazines that come through Atomic, there aren't many I read on a regular basis or read cover to cover. I mostly only thumb through to see who they're covering (it's easy to spot patterns and trends when looking at music magazine covers and who they mention on their covers), to see who they're reviewing, and to see what other things, like books, DVDs, video games, movies, etc., they mention.

By and large, real rock criticism is dead. And I tend to not be interested in reading interviews with artists whose art I like. I subscribe to the theory that goes: the last person in the world to fully understand the importance of a piece of work is the artist who created it. And older artists, having done so many interviews, tend to have their answers down pat, and younger artists... well, I'm not sure a 22 year old with a synthesizer is going to reveal much to me I didn't already know about the state of the human condition.

However, this issue of Filter, not only did I find myself enjoying a general thumbing through (while being in color, their use of white space still gives the magazine a nice indie feel), but I got sucked in to interviews that I would ordinarily skip over: David Byrne brings up an interesting point of Punk's failed goal of entering the mainstream and destroying it, Roger Daltrey sounds positively pissed at people who give too much credit to those who die before they get old, and Husker Du... well...they just sound bitter.

All this plus there are still interviews I want to get to with Wu-Tang, PJ Harvey and Sons & Daughters. A very readable music mag.

Eamon read Comic Strip Masterpieces Special:

Reprints 12 newspaper artists in 12 pages. Each includes a bio of the artist and information about the book from which the strip came. It's a nice sampling of classic titles such as Dick Tracy, Popeye and Little Orphan Annie.

After reading it you know which books would be more personally appealing. Do you like half naked aliens, surreal dream adventures or Charlie Brown?

Lauren likes Ninjatown by Shawnimals:

I've always been a fan of Shawnimals plush. I mean there are ninjas, moustaches,
pot stickers, and many more made out of felt.

His new project, Ninjatown, brings a blind box element to a plush toy, the first I've seen. Once again there are ninjas but many kinds. There's a business ninja as well as an old master and zombie. There are 12 different ones to collect and trade.

Perfect for a belt loop, as a zipperpull, and just anywhere you want to hang a sweet new friend. Or you can do what we are doing at the store and make them Xmas ornaments. Perfection.


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