Reading Club 2008 - Periodicals

We're getting a bit of a late start with the Shank Reading Club this year, but that's because we were waiting for the The Believer to come in.

Yes, this will be a year of periodicals - magazines, journals, zines, etc!

Since periodicals are more timely (meaning they're usually late), we'll only be announcing each month's reading that month. All issues will be 10% off for the month, unless otherwise noted.

Online customers can enter the code SHANK001 in their online order form Coupon Field to get 10% off this month's title.

It's the 50th issue of the Believer! For this month's discussion meeting (always the last Wednesday of the month over at POP at 7pm) we're having a pizza party, pizza provided by McSweeneys, as well as a raffle for back issues and prizes.


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