Monday Review - Happy St Patty's

Benn read Secret Lives Of Great Authors by Robert Schnakenberg:

This is the sort of bathroom reading type trivia book that I get addicted to and bring out of the bathroom and carry around with me until I finish. Featuring a who's who of the literary canon, Schnakenberg finds trivia and dirt on many of our most beloved authors (a few surprises even for English majors like me). By the end, you come to the realization that many of our greatest authors were anti-semites (even the Jewish ones), racists, alcoholics or drug addicts, adulterers, had some sort of mental illness, and a sexual perversion. In the long run, it really has no impact on the great works they left behind, but the reading is tawdry and fun. There is also a lot of room for a sequel as there seems to be a lack of great writers born after World War II. Oh, and a bibliography of some sort would lend nicely to the credibility here.

Maggie comments on Naked Girls Smoking Weed:


Lauren channels Dalek's Space Monkey Qees:

Dalek thoughts


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