What's Wrong With Indiana?

Indiana has passed a new law that requires bookstores that carry adult materials to register with the state and pay a fee so they can track your business.

"I think this is very hypocritical," said Elizabeth Barden, owner of Big Hat Books on the Northside. "On the one hand, we feel a need to censor ourselves, while on the other hand, we are spending our tax dollars to free the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people."

Barden said the law could potentially cover "just about any coming-of-age novel and books on health, hygiene and human sexuality."

Fight it Indiana!


Ford said…
Track your business? Yeah, I guess we do need to keep tabs on those dangerous Jugs buyers.

Maybe they can take the list and hand it off to the local evangelical church so the perverts can be saved. Praise Jebus.

Guess that means buy your Girls Smoking Weed somewhere else.
Ford said…
Another thing, though. The comment by Ernie Ford, "This lumps us in with businesses that sell things you can't even mention in a family newspaper" is also discouraging. It plays into the same "morally" restrictive mindset that results in these ridiculous laws.

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