First Panel 7

snakeoil, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

First Panel AND a review combo:

Benn read Snake Oil #1 by Charles Forsman:

By the end of this first issue, we're not sure of a lot of things in this well-crafted, self-published comic. We don't know why the buffalo men kidnapped Tim in the bathroom. We're not sure what Bob's kid and his friend were smoking. We're not sure where Tim goes when he's unconscious. And we're not sure why the man took Mickey's kid while he was in the bathroom (nor are we sure why Mickey seems to randomly turn into a bird). There are a lot of uncertainties in this comic, presented as a series of short stories (more accurately chapters to a larger whole). But the oddity is engaging in that Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron sort of way. Snake Oil promises to be a lot of fun to follow as the narrative elements come together. The screened cover, heavy stock paper, and Forsman's deft illustrations all just add to an already engaging mix.


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