Hooked On Comics

EW.com asked 15 "graphic storytellers" what comic got them hooked to the format. And then they asked me to post this and to link back to them.


But it's actually a fun thing to think about. What got me hooked?

It was the Rose of Versailles. Originally published in Japan, a friend of mine had copies in Korean when we were kids and lent them to me. I couldn't read it though, so she told me the basic plot, which was about a woman who was raised as a man and became a Palace officer during the French Revolution, and I tried to make out what was going on just from the illustrations.

I fell in love with the artwork which was all black and white and beautiful line work. Most of the comics I'd read back then were in color.

And I never got to read all the volumes...so it became this illusive comic holy grail that always kept me searching in every comic shop/book store I could find for the impossible get.

What got you hooked?


Vlenain said…
Sinkewicz, of course!! It was his artwork in The Shadow!! Then that lead to Elektra Assassin, then to Stray Toasters, then to Numbers (which disappeared, gasp), then I petered off there. This was in 1986 for about six years, when I just couldn't find anymore by Mr. S.

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