Baltimore Zine Round-up

Going through new zines has become a fun "Where's Waldo" exercise, these days, spotting the Baltimore people.

Here are some new zines that feature Baltimoreans:
Paracinema - Charm City Cakes' Duff Goldman (of the Food Network's Ace Of Cakes) shares some of his favorite films. Good call on My Blue Heaven, Duff.

Anthem #34 - profiles on Ponytail and The DeathSet.

BPM #91 - profile on The DeathSet.

Saveur #111 - an article on "Baltimore's Favorite Cookie." That's right, Berger Cookies!

Skyscraper #27 - a review of Celebration's Modern Tribe and Beach House's Devotion

Venuszine #35 - a review of Beach House's Devotion

Razorcake #43 - a review of zine Thoughtworm

Giant Robot #53 - our very own Rachel contributes a 5 list on "How To Beat The Chainstores"

Bitch #39 - a review of China Martens' The Future Generation (published by us)

Not My Small Diary #14 - includes a comic by Ramsey Beyer



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