2 Of The Best Places To Drink Beer In America

The new issue of Imbibe Magazine (#15) hit our stands today. Its cover story is "100 Best Places To Drink Beer In America," and Baltimore happens to house 2 of them.

Congratulations to our friends over at Brewers Art and the fine folks at Mahaffey's Pub.

We're big fans of The Brewer's Art's Resurrection Ale (and The Ozzy!), and you'll find Brewer's Art under the "Best Bottle Lists" "Best Belgians" category:
The Brewer's Art
1106 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201
410.547.6925 belgianbeer.com
The Brewer's Art is three establishments in one: dark, hipster-packed rathskeller; gilt-edged upstairs bar; and formal, Tudor-inflected dining room. In any, however, you can munch on garlic-rosemary fries with mayo and order one of many Belgian brews or one of the bar's own Belgian-style house-made beers. (Try the Resurrection.)
And under the "Best Kept Secrets" category:
Mahaffey's Pub
2706 Dillon St., Baltimore, MD 21224
410.276.9899 mahaffeyspub.com
Mahaffey's is hidden in plain sight: just another corner bar in a neighborhood where hardly a block goes by without a neon beer sign. Inside, it's cramped and dark and scruffy. The beer lines, however, are sparklingly clean. Ask owner Wayne Mahaffey what's available on cask that day, and you'll have a new best friend; he's always eager to share his compendious beer knowledge and a sip from the latest rare barrel he's acquired.
ETA: (Thanks Lynda. Layout was confusing. This makes much more sense.)


Lynda D said…
actually, I think it's in the "bet Belgian" category.
Lynda D said…
(that would be "best")

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