Diamond and Dunnys

dunny5shipment, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

For those of you who aren't big comic book fans, you may not know that Wednesdays are comic book day, nationwide. Every Wednesday, every comic book shop, or bookstores like ours that carry a lot of comics, get the new comics.

But on weeks that start with holidays like Labor Day, the shipments come in on Thursday. So you won't get your new Buffy until Thursday this week!

Also, this Thursday is the release of the new Dunny series, Series 5. Come by at 7 to eat some donuts, hang out and have a beer and trade your duplicate blind box toys. Or just come by and hang out and see what the new series looks like as people open their boxes!

Believe it or not these toys will go fast! They will go on sale on our site on Thursday.


Anonymous said…
Benn always looks so creepy in these shots... really, the thing of nightmares and bumps in the night.
i zimbra said…
Yeah, is he Bob?

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