Reading Stack

Some new things we've been reading and enjoying around here:

1. Freakangels - I started reading this online, and didn't think I'd care about the print version much, but I was wrong. Reading this in print is inexplicably satisfying.

2. Zine Yearbook - Have you gotten behind on your zines? Well this annual collects the best of the past year and this really is a great overview of the whole scene.

3. The Disciples - I can't stop looking at this book. It is just SO well done.


1. The Tick: The Complete Edlund - After years of the Tick Omnibus collections going in and out of print - it's now available as an Omnibus of the Ominbuses so to speak. Darker and funnier than the TV shows.

2. The Great Derangement - Rolling Stone's Taibbi journeys through an America on the verge of a mental breakdown under the strain of war, politics and, of course, religion.

3. The Gum Thief - novelist Coupland sets his new in paperback novel in an office supply store where a middle-aged stock clerk writes mock diary entries of another sales associate - a goth twentysomething - and she's shocked to discover he's getting it pretty damn right...


Noman said…
inresting reading !

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