Frank Miller & Hollywood

So, as I was curiously waiting to hear how Frank Miller's film take on Will Eisner's The Spirit did (and rooting for it), I started hearing a weird little voice inside my head.

That weird little voice was Frank's, from almost 15 years ago. I seem to remember him not liking Hollywood very much. (But hey, 15 years ago I didn't like sushi or olives.)

I'm not sure what any of this means, but I think it's interesting.

This illustration is from Overstreet's Fan #24 (June 1997).

Frank Miller from his "Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars Part One" column from Overstreet's FAN #5 (October 1995):
"Comic book cartoonists are to Hollywood what illegal immigrants are to California: a source of cheap labor."
Frank Miller from his "Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars Part Three" column from Overstreet's FAN #7 (December 1995):
"As sorry as the history of comics is in such matters, Hollywood's contempt for source material is the stuff of legend, and they've got tons of money to toss at knotty problems like the central intent of American copyright law."

"It's a one-way street, our industry's love-affair with Hollywood is, and the traffic ain't coming our way. Hollywood will take whatever it can get from us, and give back exactly as little as they can possibly get away with. They've got our number. They've got us figured."

"We seek Hollywood's sanction and approval, which we do not need and which we will never receive. We want Hollywood's money, which their lawyers will never give us. We want Hollywood's audience, who cannot or will not read much of anything, not a newspaper, not a novel, and not a comic book."

"Hollywood welcomes us with mockery, with cruel cocktail-party laughter, and we think we've finally hit the Big Time."
Who doesn't love Frank Miller when he gets riled up?

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for Frank to finish his All Star Batman series he started 2 years ago with artist Jim Lee.


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