Book Club Cookies

bookclubcookies, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

Who cares what the weather is like right now because we have cookies for Reading Club tonight. And tea. Because that's what you want when discussing Bukowski, right?

Well, we'll have beer, too.

And as we talk about Post Office, there's also some mind-boggling news about the state of the Post Office.


Cookies and beer at book club? Baltimore just moved up our list of possible hometowns after my wife gets out of grad school.
Oooh, cookies and tea? That's my kind of delicious book club! I wish that I could visit your store in person. Like, right now.
Rachel said…
Haha, who knew that cookies were the key to the literati??
Cookies are the key to everything. Henry Chunklet occasionally brings us a batch of his homemade cookies, and we just let him do whatever he wants in the store. (He also brings us doughnuts, which he did this morning. Yum!)
Rachel said…
Henry's never brought us cookies!!

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