Reading Club 2009 - Cult Club

This year's Reading Club is going to focus on Cult Classics - books and authors that have a cult-like following. It's always difficult to select the books for the year, but this one was particularly tricky because over 95% of the books we carry could fit the definition of cult reading...and what exactly is that definition, anyway?

We'll save that for the first discussion!

We meet every last Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm, at Atomic Books.

This year, instead of each book being discounted for its month, you can sign up for the club at the store and just get the 15% off for any of these books at any time this year. (So you can get a head start on some of these!)

January Post Office
Feb Story of O
March No Logo
April The Fountainhead
May Our Band Could Be Your Life
June Tank Girl
July Life After God
August Kitchen
Sept Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
October In Cold Blood
November Jokes Told in Heaven About Babies
December Illuminatus Trilogy


Adam J. said…
Doh. I should have signed up for the Book Club when I picked up "No Logo."

I guess I didn't read this before and I was thinking it was the February book and no way would I get around to reading it by then.

At any rate, I'd be interested. I should be coming in a week from Saturday anyway.

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