February Baltozine Round-Up Update

As we can't catch everything, and new magazines come in every week, we'll be updating our monthly Baltozine Round-Up. So if we miss anything, please let us know in the comments section.

Maximum Rocknroll #310
Deep Sleep - Manic Euphoria EP
"... Manic Euphoria is like a six-track mini-album full of great lyrics and a perfect mixture of melody and angst that will leave you satisfied in the end." -Bob Goldie

(thanks for the heads up, Tony)

Juxtapoz #97
Profile of Mollie Goldstrom featuring her piece, "Obstructionists IV"
"Mollie Goldstrom is a printmaker and member of Closed Caption Comics, a group of Maryland Institute College of Art alumni who collaborate on a biannual comics anthology of the same name." -Caleb Neelon

(thanks for the tip, Molly O.)

AmericanStyle #66
A look at the loft of (with lots of photos) of Beth Piver and Andy Vick in Cumberland MD.
"When Beth Piver and Andy Vick found their two-story loft space in a brick bulilding in downtown Cumberland, MD, it was a blank canvas. The 6,000-square-foot space was airy, open and painted a crisp white - and covered in 'acres of mauve carpet,' Piver says. In lieu of replacing it or refinishing the floors underneath, Piver saw the carpet as a design challenge. Today, it's the last thing you notice. Painted mannequins greet you at the entrance to the thrid floor, the couple's main living space. Blue and purple faux fur covers the walls of their bedroom. ..." -Claire Patterson


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