March Baltozine Round-Up, Part 2

Keeping track of new magazines that come in that talk about Baltimore stuff. For more on, by, or about area artists, check out the following issues below.

Blurt #1
Dan Deacon - Bromst Score: 8 out of 10
"... On Bromst Deacon makes neither pure electronic music nor experimental noise rock. But his ability to reference both of these niches without being completely at home in either is what keeps his work so interesting." -Jonah Flicker

Pontiak - Maker Score: 7 out of 10
"... it's clear that Pontiak diverge from their psych-rock contemporaries in their ability to drape volume-dealing trippiness atop tightly wound aggression. Classic rock bangs up against free-noise chaos, homespun folkiness is rendered hostile by maxed-out reverb and fuzz, and, by teh time the epic title track closes out the disc, a thorough brain-scrubbing has been delivered alongside a brutal ass-whupping." -Jason Ferguson

Maximum Rocknroll #311
China Martens - The Future Generation #16
"But overall, The Future Generation is a good resource for those who are raising children in alternative communites." -Diane Anastasio

E: The Environmental Magazine #2
"A Cut Above: More Hair Salons Are Going Green" by Ashely Verese
An article about eco-friendly hair salons features our own local Sprout.
"... Melissa Daum, manager of Sprout: An Organic Salon in Baltimore says she likes that her clients aren't accosted with the smell of ammonia when they walk inside. Instead, they're greeted by natural fragrances like flowers and coconut. ..."


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