Rock Band Competition

rbcompetition, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

This coming May First Friday is our annual benefit for Ride the Feast and our Team Atomic Fundraiser.

These are the rules:

1. It's $5 for your band to play per song. It's all for our charity - Moveable Feast.

2. One person bands are allowed. But you must play at least 2 instruments. I mean, come on.

3. Sign up will only take place that night. So the earlier you get there the better. It starts at 7pm.

4. You can play in more than one band.

5. You can play the songs on any level you choose.

6. DLC songs will be available for play as well as the standards.

7. Songs will be chosen AT RANDOM for your band to play. But don't worry, songs that are too short or too long have been taken out of the pool in order to keep the score potential fairly even.

8. The winning band is determined by the highest band score.

9. Yes, you can bring your own guitar controller.

The winning band will be receive a $100 Atomic giftcard for each member, plus a goodie bag of other prizes.

So come on by! There'll be other raffles and fun for those of you not in competition and beer donated by the always awesome Brewer's Art.


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