Platonic Ideals

When Flavorpill did a Top 10 Bookstores in the US a few weeks ago, we were a little bummed we weren't on it (ha!), but it was a very interesting and good list.

Their America’s 10 Greatest Indie Record Stores was fascinating as well.

So when they picked America’s 10 Greatest Comic and Graphic Novel Stores we were stunned to see that we were at the top of the list! And honestly, it's the best write up we've possibly ever had. It's a little weird being on the same list as Forbidden Planet in NY, which was my shop of choice as a kid, but...IN YOUR FACE, FORBIDDEN PLANET!

Stores are something aren't they? These brick and mortar spaces filled with dreams and ideas bring back great memories for me. What would we do without bookstores, record stores and comic shops?

And Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore is out today and we'd like to thank their readers for picking us as Best Independent Bookstore and our own Dina Kelberman as Best Local Cartoonist/Illustrator.

And let's hear it for the new guy - Celebrated Summer Records got Best Place to Buy Vinyl!



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