Show Your Shelves: Tony Pence

Bookshelves owner: Tony Pence

1. How would you describe your collection/library?

A giant mess of reference titles, books I have yet to read and books I have read 100 times.

2. What are 3 of your favorite titles?
Shop Design by Daab
Martian Chronicles by Bradbury
Stone Diaries by Carol Shields
Plus various punk and film books, design books, and lots of Mishima and Mencken. I could never pick just three ha ha...

3. What are you making room for?
I'm already completely out of room!

Want to show us your shelves? Just email your answers to these 3 questions, along with your name and 1 picture of your bookshelves to benn (at) atomicbooks (dot) com and we may feature your shelf on our blog.


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