Show Your Shelves

The other day I decided to spend what turned into about 4 hours reorganizing one of my bookshelves at home (and I didn't even alphabetize!).

As I was knee deep in stacks of books, I started to get curious about what other people's bookshelves look like. After all, I am the type of person who, when going to someone's house for the first time (or second, or third even), is immediately drawn to the things they collect - the libraries they build - be they comprised of books, records, movies, video games, what have you.

Bookshelves allow us to rejoice in the awesomeness of our experiences as well as remind us of our secret shames. They expose us to those who come into our homes. And if we didn't like that exposure, well, I don't reckon we'd keep these things we have on shelves in the first place.

So we're starting a new feature on the Atomic Books Blog called "Show Your Shelves." We're asking people to email us a picture of their bookshelf and tell us something about it by answering the following questions:
1. How would you describe your collection/library?
2. What are 3 of your favorite titles?
3. What are you making room for?

Just email your answers to these 3 questions, along with your name and 1 picture of your bookshelves to benn (at) atomicbooks (dot) com and we may feature your shelf on our blog.

Like so:
Benn Ray
1. This particular bookshelf (since I have several) I think of as "Atomic Books concentrated with some unavoidable geekery thrown in". It's a hodgepodge of my favorite zines, comics, fiction and non-fiction.
2. My collection of Re/Search books, my collection of RAW comics, and Harvey Kurtzman's Humbug.
3. Four-Color Fear and The Horror! The Horror!

So c'mon, Show Your Shelves.


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