Show Your Shelves: Rev. Kevin Slaughter

Bookshelves owner: Rev. Kevin Slaughter

1. How would you describe your collection/library?

The photo is the table beside my recliner, the books I want to have closest to me. These are either ones I'm currently reading, want to start or reread. I have many bookshelves, but this holds the spot next to the bathroom as most accessed shelf.

I own quite a collection of sexology books ranging from Grove Press's unabridged two-volume 2,300+ page Victorian sex-diary My Secret Life to my one of my favorite titles The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe (the most unabashed adulation and justification of foot fetishism probably ever published), from the evolutionarily backed The Natural History of Rape to Josh Alan Friedman's two memoirs of working in the smut-mines of Times Square.

I don't buy books with autographs, but when I can get them from authors I like, I will. I had both G. Gordon Liddy and John Waters to sign books to "Rev. Slaughter".

I have a three-shelf unit dedicated to work by and about H.L. Mencken.

2. What are 3 of your favorite titles?
Three great titles (regardless of the quality of content, artificially restricting myself to non-sex books):
Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming Into Being by David Benatar, 2006 (in photo above)
Not So Deep as a Well by Dorothy Parker, 1936
Shaft Among the Jews by Ernest Tidyman, 1972
How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler, 1940 (that's 4, sorry)

3. What are you making room for?
Since I can't one day own a full set of the OED, I do hope publishers start putting download codes into books for free ebook editions like a number of record labels are. I bought the new Charles Manson LP Air at Celebrated Summer and was able to download the album legally. This way I had the perfect packaging (the 12" record sleeve with inserts), but also the convenience of the digital files. I can't imagine stopping buying bound books, but there is a use for digital editions.

Want to show us your shelves? Just email your answers to these 3 questions, along with your name and 1 picture of your bookshelves to benn (at) atomicbooks (dot) com and we may feature your shelf on our blog.


Sarah said…
It would probably behoove Rev. Slaughter to read one of the countless books on rape that debunks most of the arguments made in The Natural History of Rape. The book is "evolutionarily backed" if you consider anecdotal evidence and a few flawed studies to be enough.
It would possibly behoove Sarah to actually recommend a specific title, if she were really so interested in making an informative comment.
The phrasing "evolutionarily backed" is awkward, I admit.
I think the book provides some valuable information, though you'll notice nowhere did I "endorse" the book as "fact".
Erin said…
Ah jeez, Sarah. Behoove?

Great shelves Rev.

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