Atomic VD Picks

Valentine's Day is almost here and we've got some Atomic highlights for you!

The Traditionlist:
These retro cards are discontinued and almost gone.

The Non Traditionalist:
Those Some ECards also come as postcard books.

The Baltimorean:
Love Rats in Red or White.

A Date with John Waters - a signed CD of some of John Waters' favorite love songs.

The Foodie:
Amor Y Tacos - what if you gave this book as a gift and promised to make every single recipe in it for your loved one? OMG.

The Artster:
The lastest Juxtapoz book collection is all Erotica.

The Bethrothed:
Perhaps you've made the leap and got engaged? Adrian Tomine's wedding favor was a comic he made of everything they went through in the planning of their Special Day.


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