Introducing The Atomic Books Neutron Wireless E-Reader

Introducing Atomic Books Neutron: Digitized Finds for Mutated Minds!

- Atomic's Neutron comes pre-loaded with hundreds of zines and mini & underground comix
- Directly connects to Atomic Book's new e-bookstore for instant access to tens of thousands of titles
- High-Contrast E-Ink Screen with Smoothing for images/artwork
- Multiple Font Selections (excluding Comic Sans - sorry, that font is an abomination)
- 6-inch size reading area
- Includes Chapter Shuffle Option
- Weight: 8 ounces
- Battery lasts up to one month fully charged (with wireless off)
- Includes battery charger and solar charging option
- Can hold up to 4,500 books
- Free 3G Wireless: download books anytime, anywhere
- Built-In Wi-Fi and Blu-Tooth
- Includes .pdf reader
- Includes web browser
- Includes limited edition collectible artists pogs set


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