Revenge Of Print Q1 Round-up

So this year we got together with a group of friends (Quimby's, Xerography Debt, Razorcake, Maximum Rocknroll, Zine World, Microcosm and too many more zine libraries and distros to name) to declare 2011 the Revenge of Print.

It's a challenge to everyone who has ever made a zine/mini-comic/comix, is making zines/mini-comics/comix or would like to make a zine/mini-comic/comix - to make at least 1 more issue this year.

So here we are, almost 1/4 of the way through the 2011, so how are we doing?
Out of the several hundred participants, we here at Atomic have seen these zines:
Brainscan #26
Caboose #7
Cinema Sewer #24
Chunklet: The Indie Cred Test
Maximum Rocknroll
Negative Capability #5
Operations Manual
Shards of Glass In Your Eye
Smile, Hon, You're In Baltimore
Tales of Blood And Roses #1
Xerography Debt #28
If you're a zine/mini comic maker participating in the 2011: Revenge of Print challenge and want Atomic Books to carry your zine, fill out this consignment form and send it to us along with copies of your zine!

Visit the Facebook group for more info and a list Revenge of Print participants.


You guys are doing awesome! Some of the "participants" could use a little fire under them. :)

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