Think You Can Pass The Indie Cred Test?

A couple days ago, a friend of mine posted an insipid video of a saccharine song on her Facebook wall. She said something like, "This makes me hate indie rock."

It doesn't matter that the band wasn't actually an indie band (most of its catalog was released on a major label), it doesn't matter that the song could better be described as neo-hippie post-folk twee noodling instead of rock.

We all knew what she meant. And we all agreed. Even if we disagreed. Why? Because to disagree, even if we agreed, would mean we have no indie cred.

Now's the time to put your money were your attitude is. Chunklet's new book, The Indie Cred Test offers you just that opportunity.

Think you can pass it? I'm betting you can't. How would I know? Because I'm a contributing editor. G'wan. Take the test. I double-dog dare ya.


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