Thursday, December 29, 2011

Atomic Reading Club - 2012 - The End

It's almost 2012 - is the end near? It sure feels like a lot of the world is ending as we've known it, but thoughts about the end of time have been around with us since time practically began. So let's spend the year delving into what the apocalypse and post apocalypse might look and feel like from writers of the last couple of centuries. Our theme for 2012 is apocalyptic books!

January - The Road
February - Sweet Tooth
March - The Hunger Games
April - The Chrysalids
June - Cloud Atlas
August - The Stand
Sept - DMZ
Oct - Zone One
Nov - Galapagos

As always, the titles are all 15% off for Reading Club members and all you have to do to join is tell us at the counter! Discussions for each title is the last Wednesday of the month, at Atomic Books, 7:30pm!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Hours

Cookie Swap 2011, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

The usual:
December 24th - 11am - 6pm
December 25th - CLOSED
December 31st - 11am-6pm
January 1st - CLOSED

Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Holiday Picks!

Monday, December 19th, is the last day for online orders! Tuesday and Wednesday are for gamblers. On with the Holiday Picks:

Rachel's Picks:

Hole in the Middle
Kids books that make you cry are the best.

Perfect, incredibly reasonably priced blank books for your writing or art. Great for kids and adults alike.

Knitting is Knotty Mug
I'm a knitter, you're a knitter, wouldn't like a knitting corn mug, too?

Henry & Glenn Forever Sticker Funbag!
Their eternal love, now in sticker format.

Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World
The book about the man who brought folk music to the mainstream with his field recordings is coming in as a paperback any day now, but we still have some hardcovers left. You can check out a bunch of his recordings on Spotify. One of my faves:
Various Artists – I'll Be So Glad When the Sun Goes Down: Alan Lomax’s "Southern Journey," 1959–1960

Brewing in Baltimore
We love beer here at Atomic and we always serve local brews at our events, even our own beer sometimes. The Images of America series has done some great local books. They're like super scrapbooks that your extremely long-lived grandmother would have, if she were also an historian. Brewing in Baltimore is all about the influence of the beer industry on Baltimore, from 1748 to present day brewers.

Atomic Gift Cards
Gift cards - some may think that they're kind of a thoughtless, impersonal gift, but in reality an Atomic Gift Card is a slice of Magic Time that you can give to anyone. It grants someone a chance to browse through multiple possibilities (in store and online) of how they will spend future time for themselves - whether they buy a book, a game, a journal or an art toy.

Benn's Picks:

50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know: Religion
I can't think of a better way to celebrate the birth of the little baby Jesus than with a copy of his book from The Disinformation Co. It's part of their very fun, very readable "50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know" series.

Any Gun Can Play: The Essential Guide to Euro-Westerns
If you can't get enough of spaghetti westerns, this book takes an in-depth look at the 1960s phenomenon of European westerns. If you love Sergio Leone flicks and are looking for more movies like that, Any Gun Can Play is full of information, recommendations and cinematic history.

Hark! A Vagrant
New Yorker cartoonist Kate Beaton is also the creator of this web-comic sensation. She uses history and literature as a playground for her always funny comic strips.

The MAD Fold-In Collection: 1964-2010
I don't know a single MAD Magazine fan who's seen this 4 volume, hardcover, slip-cased set and hasn't immediately wanted it. Decades of Jaffee's fold-ins - both before and after so you don't have to fold up the book set to see the end result. But you know you'll kind of want to anyway.

Mutter Museum Calendar 2012
Enjoy a medical curiosity every day of the year! Great for disturbing coworkers snooping around your cubicle.

Pogo: The Complete Daily And Sunday Comic Strips Volume 1: Through the Wild Blue Wonder
Fantagraphics is giving the archival treatment to this masterpiece comic strip. A must for any serious comics fan. Seriously. It's Pogo.

R. Crumb: The Complete Record Cover Collection
This art book is designed, complete with sleeve, to look like an old 78 record. The hardcover contains much of Crumb's record cover art and a lot of his musician portraits too. Stunning work by a master of illustration.

Selected Unpublished Blog Posts Of A Mexican Panda Express Employee
Local writer Megan Boyle delivers one of the funniest, most original, most satisfying book of poetry I've come across in years. It's so good, I'm almost hesitant to tell people it's poetry.

Stuck Up!: 100 Objects Inserted and Ingested in Places They Shouldn't Be
I really can't stop thinking about this book. In fact, I like to show people my favorite x-rays of disturbing bodily insertions all the time. Please, next time you're in the store just ask. Instead of going the expensive artbook route, this book is an affordable trade paperback, which makes total sense because you're going to want to carry it with you - if for no other reason than to show people the x-ray of the person that managed to insert a pistol up their ass. And yes, each entry includes an explanation and in some cases, instructions.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tintin Movie Passes

We have free passes to see a sneak preview of The Adventures of Tintin for this Saturday, Dec 17th, 10:30am at the White Marsh AMC. Just come on by and ask!

And as always, we stock Tintin comics!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

December Events

This Friday, meet Scott C who'll be at Atomic giving a presentation about his work in illustration, comics, video games and signing his new book, Amazing Everything. 7-9pm!

Next Thursday, December 15th, join the Yelp Hampden Holiday Hop Shopping Crawl! All the participating shops will be giving a part of their proceeds for the night to local charities. We'll be donating ours to Moveable Feast. From 5-9pm, refreshments and sales!

Then, on December 16th, from 6pm-8pm, we're having a special Happy Hour event with Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah! Shmaltz Brewing proprietor, Jeremy Cowan, celebrates the national release of his debut small business memoir Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah with a book reading and beer tasting at Atomic.

And remember, Santa is also walking around the Avenue every weekend until Xmas!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Talking Holiday Books 011 Edition

I'll be on WYPR's (88.1FM) The Signal this evening at 7PM (and again Saturday at 1PM) to talk holiday books suggestions.

You can only talk about so many books on the radio, so be sure to stop by the store - there have been so many really great books to come out this season.

Listen live online.

Check out the mp3/podcast.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Good-Bye by Yoshihiro Tatsumi - December Book Pick

And now we come to the last book of the year for our Reading Club, Yoshihiro Tatsumi's Good-bye. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, yes, it had originally been The Push Man but that title has suddenly gone between printings (it'll be back in softcover in the Spring).

As usual,  it's 15% off for Club members and we meet the last Wednesday of December to discuss!

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