See The Glacktorkulous Artwork of Stephen Blickenstaff

Artist Stephen Blickenstaff will be having a one night only art show as part of Hampden Holidays Five First Fridays celebration (every Friday leading up to Christmas is a neighborhood-wide First Friday party).

Stephen is best known for his iconic cover art for The Cramp's legendary record, Bad Music For Bad People, but he has also designed record covers and t-shirts and posters for They Might Be Giants, Thin White Rope, The Graves Brothers Deluxe, Electric Frankenstein and Love Tractor among others. His work has appeared in Les Barany's Carnivora, Dark Horse Presents, Weirdo, Guitar World, Psychotronic Video and Draculina.

We'll be serving adult beverages, and there will be a lot more going on throughout Hampden! 


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