Baltozine Roundup: Print Magazine, N+1, Under The Radar, and more

The Baltozine Roundup is a regular feature wherein we take a look at what national periodicals are saying about Baltimore-area arts, events, people, and places. Be sure to pick up the magazines and read the full articles.

The current issue of Print Magazine (#66.6) is their Regional Design Annual - a compendium of the best design work of 2012. And Baltimore design group Wndr is included for their work on the David Lynch Music Company website. And Spur Design has several entries, for the Criterion edition DVD cover to Diabolique, Gunpowder River Artfest poster, and National Portfolio Day posters.

The journal N+1 (#15) has an essay by  Lawrence Jackson called "Slickheads," about life in Baltimore.
"Around my way we really tripped over two things: the beef with them Woodlawn whores in '85; then four years later, when stick-up boys shot Sonny."
Under The Radar (#44) ranked their top 100 albums of 2012, and several Baltimore bands are on the list.
#3. Beach House - Bloom
"... An emotive master class." -Laura Studarus
#21. Lower Dens - Nootropics
" intriguingly multi-layered creation. ..." -Hays Davis

#28. Dan Deacon - America
"... [A] grand marriage of the electronic, orchestral, and politically conscious. ..." -John Norris
Also on the list is Animal Collective's Centipede Hz (#54). And Dan Deacon and Lower Dens both contribute to their Under The Radar's Artist Surveys.

In Make/Shift (#12), local author China Martins participates in the article, "Roundtable: Don't Leave Your Friends Behind."
"I wanted to question and find new resources for being a mother the same way I saw others questioning and finding new resources for everything in their lives, from sex to race to record labels to food. ..."
There's also a review of Beach House's Bloom in Chickfactor (#17).
"If loving neo-shoegaze is wrong, I don't want to be right." -Rebecca Braverman
Beach House are on the cover of the new issue of Big Take-Over (#71), with a sizable interview and story, "Capturing The Elusive" by John Everhart.
"If you're looking for singles with a bunch of crap attached to it, you're not going to find that there. This isn't a band that tries to write hits. This is a band that writes songs and you either like them or you don't and move on. It's a very simple but emotional thing that we do." -Victoria Legrand
 There's also a review of The Beltway's Chasing The Sun.
"... this foursome are fans of ever-loving touchstones Big Star, Cheap Trick, and Replacements (the big daddy, junior and and the holy spook of rock 'n' roll power pop?) with an add-on Rolling Stones jones. ..." -Jack Rabid (from his top 40)
Monica Ayres reviews Animal Collective's Centipde Hz:
"For a split second I thought I heard a melody, but of course seconds later it broke down into a typical Animal Collective jam. ..."
Theo Cateforis reviews Beach House's Bloom:
"...Legrand's gorgeous, smoky vocals [build] to an escalating flurry of crashing drums and cascading guitars. ... unbearably tense yet heart-crushingly beautiful ...."
Emily Wheeler reviews Dan Deacon's America:
"... America combines all of Deacon's interests into one cohesive whole ... it still showcases Deacon's gift of expressing ideas through music as opposed to words."


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