Dina Kelberman's Favorite Comics Of 2012

Once again we invited a number of our friends who are also cartoonists, comics publishers and editors to tell us what their favorite comics of 2012 were. We'll be posting those lists over the next couple weeks.

Dina Kelberman is the creator of Important Comics

(in no particular order)

1. Are You My Mother? by Alison Bechdel
I wasn't as into this book as it's predecessor (Fun Home) but even when Bechdel is getting super self-indulgent she's so smart I let her get away with it.

2. The Voyeurs by Gabrielle Bell
2012 is the year I decided I really like Gabrielle Bell.  I don't know why.

3. Angelman by Nicolas Mahler
You can't tell by the cover of this book that it's a comic-book commentary thing. Like Watchmen meets Larry Sanders Show. But it is! And it's got the same kinda melancholy conversation quality of Mahler's Lone Racer, which I love, and the drawings are great so you should read this one too.

4. The End of the Fucking World (minicomics series) by Chuck Forsman
These little guys (and the other minis that Oily Comics are putting out in this format) are really fun to pick up as they come out, little bit by bit. I'm interested to see how the collected volume ends up looking (color?). Chuck Forsman is a cool dude doing cool things.

5. Building Stories by Chris Ware


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