Pat Aulisio's Favorite Comics of 2012

Once again we invited a number of our friends who are also cartoonists, comics publishers and editors to tell us what their favorite comics of 2012 were. This is the last of those lists!

Pat Aulisio does the comic Bowman.

(L-R: Keenan Keller, Bald Eagles, Pat Aulisio, Shalo P, Jason Karns, Tom Neely, Josh Bayer, Johnny Ryan)

Once I looked at my top list of comics that came out this year I realized that the majority of them aren't big popular graphic novel publishers, proving to me that all the new great comics are being put out by small micro-presses. Or maybe I'm just really poor and there's no way I can buy a $50 Chris Ware book.

Best Big Comic Collection Graphic Novel Type Book: Furry Trap by Josh Simmons

Best One-Off Mainstream Superhero Comic: Wolverine and The X-Men #17 (the doop issue) by some writer and Mike Allred

Best Reprint Of Old Comics: Nancy Collections by Ernie Bushmiller

Best Remix Reprint Of Nancy And Garfield: Suspect Device 2 edited by Josh Bayer

Best Self-Serving Reference: Marvel Comics Presents #6 edited by Pat Aulisio

Best Cartoonist Revelation: Box Brown knows how to party and has done drugs as shown through his teenage fuck up mini-comics (Chubby Chasers, Fuck Shits, Sock)

Best Lo-Fi Sci-Fi: Looking Out by Philippa Rice

Best Sci-Fi Anthology: Future Shock 1-3 edited by Josh Burggraf

Best Oversized Comic Anthology: Kuti Kuti Specter by Kuti Kuti Comic Dudes

Best Comic Blog Poison Anthology: SP7 edited by Ian Harker and Box Brown

Best Comic From A Newcomer: Steven The Heathen by Emma Louthan

Best Pornographic Material: Sad Sex by Heather Benjamin

Best Use Of Screenprinting For A Comic: The Complete Talamaroo by Alabaster

Best Comic Art Show Shenanigans: Freak Scene curated by Keenan Keller

Best Book About Comics: Marvel Comics: The Untold Tales by Sean Howes

...other really great comics worth mentioning...
Copra by Michael Fiffe
By This Shall You Know Him by Jesse Jacobs
The End Of The Fucking World by Charles Forsman
SF 2 by Ryan Cecil Smith
Greys by Oliver Schrauwen
Plump Oyster 9 by Ben Constantine
Iron Bound 1-2 by Brendan Leach
Beach Butt Bladder by Otto Splotch


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