Game Fixing And Baltimore Sports Teams

Author Brian Tuohy (The Fix Is In) has come out with Larceny Games, a new book from Feral House about sports fixing. Tuohy has collected over 400 previously unreleased FBI files on the subject, and this book comprises his findings.

Here is an excerpt from the section on the Baltimore Colts:
Robert McGarvey (member of Philadelphia Detective Bureau): After Mr. Rosenbloom purchased the Baltimore Colts, which was in 1953, one of the several services I performed for him during the period of 1953-1954 was placing his bets, or assisting in the placing of his bets, on professional football games. During this period Mr. Rosenbloom bet frequently and in large amounts on professional football games.... Mr. Rosenbloom wagered to win and when he felt his own team would not win, bet against the Colts on such occasions."  
And here is an excerpt from the section on The Baltimore Orioles:
"... the FBI became informed about a string of potential game-fixing scandals of  which only one ever saw the light of day. The first dated from May 1971. It involved a gambler (or gamblers) in the Washington, DC area with ties to members of both the Washington Senators and the Baltimore Orioles. This wasn't the first time someone within the Orioles organization had been examined. ..."
For more about Baltimore's history in the FBI's investigation of game fixing, as well as sports in general, check out Brian Tuohy's Larceny Games.


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