This Week's Staff Picks

Here are some new titles that the staff at Atomic Books are way into this week.

8469 Volume 1 by Jeral Tidwell / Sarah Smith
picked by Heleigh
8469 is a super-beautiful art book half-drawn by Jeral Tidwell, with the other half drawn by Sarah Smith. Any fan of Night Watch zine or Amigos de los Muertos can dig this.

Alternative Movie Posters by Matthew Chojnacki
picked by John
As a remedy to the rash of uninspired, "Giant Photoshopped Actor Head" movie posters which festoon your local multiplex and are designed to do nothing more than sell a film's biggest stars, there has been a recent, welcome trend of illustrators and design firms creating iconic and playful images that exemplify the potential of the one-sheet. Over two hundred such works are collected in Matthew Chojnacki's Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground, alongside interviews with the artists. Ranging from the nostalgic to the cartoony to the experimental, these posters have been hung in galleries, released at event screenings, and sold online as fan art. The only common element is that they are all eye-popping and you will want them on your wall.
Autobiography by Morrissey
picked by Tony
I think about Morrissey all the time. If I'm being totally honest I actually love him. He is the greatest, at everything.

Bleeding Skull! by Joseph A. Ziemba / Dan Budnik
picked by Haleigh
AHHHH !!! It's HERE!! YEAH!! This book is basically a shopping list of movies I need. The reviews are hilariously on point (although, I really still love Spookies). They did such a good job on this. I also really like the xeroxed looking covers of tapes and posters. Man, I love it.

Purgatory/Paradise CD/Book by Throwing Muses
picked by Benn
A few years ago, Tom Waits came out with a new record in this book-type format. As someone who loves music packaging (I love to look at album art, liner notes, lyrics, etc. as I listen to the record) this small, hardcover art book with a CD of music makes perfect sense. Having spent too much time this morning deleting mp3s from my filled up computer so I could add new music, I'm also now beginning to re-appreciate the CD, and this format makes it viable again. And that's just the packaging. If anyone told me that there would be a good Throwing Muses record in the 2010s a few years ago, I wouldn't have believed them. But these 32(!!!) tracks of a vibrant and creative band are so good, it's made me realize I've actually missed the music of Throwing Muses. 

Surf To Skate Vol. 1 by Stanton Hartsfield / Jason Cohn
picked by Haleigh
This book rules even if you don't skate or surf. The story and the art work on the boards stands on its own. Also, I'm a sucker for a book that's held together by bolts.

Viva la Pizza!: The Art of the Pizza Box by Scott Wiener
picked by Mag
In second grade we had to draw logos for an imaginary pizza shop as an art project. I don't remember anything else about second grade except that amazing art project. Nothing beats receiving some generic looking pizza box with a hot, tasty pizza inside. This book collects some really great pizza boxes. This book is also guaranteed to make you want to eat pizza immediately upon opening it.


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