Atomic's 2013 Best Sellers: Art / Coffee Table / Gift Books

These are the 15 best selling Art/Coffee Table/Gift Books at Atomic Books in 2013.
1. Lost Baltimore by Paul Kelsey Williams / Gregory J. Alexander
2. How To Speak Klingon: Essential Phrases for the Intergalactic Traveler by Ben Grossblatt / Alex Fine
3. Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm by Noel Daniel / The Brothers Grimm
4. Brandon Bird's Astonishing World Of Art by Brandon Bird
5. The Goods Vol. 1 by McSweeney's Books
6. Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell by Brian May / Dennis Pellerin / Paula Fleming
7. Flip The Script: A Guidebook For Aspiring Vandals And Typographers by Christian P. Acker
8. Krampus: The Devil Of Christmas by Monte Beauchamp
9. Bright Nights: Photographs Of Another New York by Tod Seelie
10. Contact High by Richard Kern / Jesse Pearson
11. Daggers Drawn: 35 Years Of Kal Cartoons In The Economist by Kevin "KAL" Kallaugher
12. Painted Screens Of Baltimore: An Urban Folk Art Revealed by Elaine Eff
13. Amigos De Los Muertos by Jeral Tidwell / Angryblue / David Lozeau
14. Nordic Tattooing: Nordic Tattooists And Their Drawings by Jon Nordstrom
15. Punk Press: Rebel Rock In The Underground Press, 1968-1980 by Vincent Berniere / Mariel Primois


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