BaltoZine Roundup: Eat & Drink Edition

The Baltozine Roundup is a regular feature wherein we take a look at what national periodicals are saying about Baltimore-area arts, events, people, and places. Be sure to pick up the magazines and read the full articles.

There are two regional recipes in America's Test Kitchen: Hometown Favorites.

Baltimore Pit Beef:
"Pit beef, Baltimore's signature sandwich, starts as a massive spice-rubbed beef roast that's grilled over a hot fire until it's thoroughly charred on the outside and a juicy medium0rare on the inside. Locals top the beef with sliced onion and plenty of tiger sauce (a horseradish-spiked mayonnaise), but what really sets apart pit beef is the salty, spicy, nearly blackened crust. ..."
Authentic Fried Chicken And Gravy:
"... While other regions of the country rely on a thick buttermilk batter and a deep-fat fryer to deliver a crusty crunch, Maryland chicken is simply seasoned, floured, and shallow-fried. This cooking method results in crispy, deeply golden chicken that, with a gentle tug, sheets off of the bone with its deliciously brittle skin still intact. But what really sets Maryland friend chicken apart is the creamy, black pepper-spiked pan gravy that's equally fit for drumstick dunking or mopping up with a biscuit. ..."
The premiere issue of Craft Beer & Brewing has a profile of Baltimore brewer, Brian Strumke (Stillwater).
"Some brewers are chemists, some are engineers, some are microbiologists, and others mechanics. Brian "Stillwater" Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales is a musician - more specifically a DJ. To Brian, crafting a beer is like composing an electronic song, in which malt sweetness is the baseline and hop aroma hits a high treble note. If he is talking about the brewing process, it is likely a conversation riddled with allusions to electronica. Under the name Brian Stillwater, Brian traveled the globe for a decade producing and spinning progressive house music. He didn't discover his love for craft beer until he retired from his DJ career and moved back to Baltimore. ..."


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