Atomic Books 2015 Best Sellers: Beer from the Eightbar

These are the top 15 best selling local and craft beers from Eightbar in 2015.

1. Atomic Mutation Saison (Union Craft x Atomic Books)
2. The Crisp Pilsner (Sixpoint Brewery)
3. Duckpin Pale Ale (Union Craft)

4. Resurrection (Brewer's Art)
5. Birdhouse Pale Ale (Brewer's Art)
6. Milk Stout Nitro (Left Hand)

7. Old Pro Gose (Union Craft)
8. Annabel Lee White (Raven Beer)
9. Anthem Golden Ale (Union Craft)

10. 51 Rye IPA (Monument)
11. The Public Pale Ale (DC Brau)
12. Beazly Golden Ale (Brewer's Art)

13. Session IPA (Full Sail)
14. Yacht Lager (Stillwater)
15. Choptank'd Saison (Brewer's Art)


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