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Lauren will now be helping out with zine consignments. Yay!

Feel free to bug HER now.

The Curse of Atomic Books

Scott Huffines, the founder of Atomic Books, has always asserted that there was some kind of curse upon Atomic Books. Tragedy somehow befalls people associated with the store.

There may be something to that. I just started a tally in my head.

Since taking over the store in 2001: Benn's father has died. Dug's dad died. Maggie's mom died.

Last night, Benn's grandfather passed away. Now he is the last Ray man in his family.

I hear thunder.

Speaking of Addicts

It's Holy Frijoles' 8th Anniversary Party going on right now, right up the street! Free food, cheap drinks and a pinata later!

I think that Geoff has mastered some crazy Jedi mind trick to get us all to drink at his new bar 3 times a week...but in truth, we may all just be growing into true alchies.

But the pomegranate margaritas have vitamins, I tell ya! Anti-oxidants!! That's what the little drink menu says. And drink menus never lie.

Always Something

Nothing like having the doorway to the store blocked by a dying junkie.

But what warms my heart, is that just when the cops came, the junkie's friends got him up and carried him away.

Everyone needs friends. Junkies most of all.

Web Cam is Back! And Books!

Sort of. We'll turn it on randomly.

Also, we got some shipments today. New ReadyMade is finally in! And a lot of nudist books for some reason...perhaps someone was a little overwhelmed at BEA this year...

Yes, We Have No Bananas

No, we do not have Bill Clinton's book today. But thanks for asking!


To our blog.

We'll be posting news, semi-coherent observations, and probably pointless rants from the operations of a tiny independent bookstore known as Atomic Books, as it struggles to get by in the 21st century.

Yes, it has begun.