MC Chris Is For the Kids

Photo by eatsdirt, from MC Chris' performance at The Onion Holiday Party from December. Not from the Ottobar show last night. Because I didn't bring my camera. Because I'm lame. I didn't even have my sidekick. But I saw a million cameraphones, digital cams and camcorders there so I know you're all passing them around so pass some to me.

MC Chris: "So do you all like hip hop? Even if it's by a black man?"

Um, there were a lot of people there. Not just for a Monday night. For any night. When we drove up after 9pm, there was a line out the door and down the block. (I seriously thought that maybe there had been a bomb scare or something and everyone had to stand outside.) I was informed that the line started at 8pm.

People knew ALL THE WORDS. Yeah. Geeks crowd surfing. MC Chris warned people, "Careful, geeks are fragile!"

I was the oldest woman there. Not the oldest person, but pretty much the oldest woman by far. Maggie assured me that she saw some women in their LATE 30s there. "But I think they were people's moms...sorry."

Second Season of Sealab 2021 will be in tomorrow!

Update: Oh, I forgot the chanting! There was a lot of, "MC Chris! MC Chris!"

And I'm not sure what sparked it but also, "Fuck DC! Fuck DC!" which was simply charming. Love the kids!


Carl said…
Fuck DC? No, fuck YOU, Baltimore! Fuck Sammy Sosa, too.

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