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The Notorious Bettie Page

Trailer for the new biopic of Bettie Page, by the director of American Psycho and I Shot Andy Warhol.


Knitters! We're moving to David's, a new 24/7 diner on Falls Rd, right across from the 7-11.

Tuesdays, 7-9pm!

Happy Year of the Dog!

It's January. It's once AGAIN in the 60s. This weather is officially creeping me out.

Stripped Books

Reading Club Roundup

Last night was the first meeting of the 2006 Shank Reading Club at Frazier's.

So, how is a book that gives an ambiguous take on terrorism going to fly today? Everyone in the group noticed the obvious scary parellels of our political climate today to the extreme political order in the book. V for Vendetta offers few answers and raises more questions:

"Why aren't there more comics about dystopias today?"
"Is this book pro Anarchy?"
"Is V supposed to be a hero?"
"Are V and the Leader just different sides of the same coin?"
"Why did that dude take LSD?"
"When did V sew all those little jail outfits for the dolls?"
"Is V gay?"
"How can the movie be any good?"

Join us next time, for the Watchmen (yes, another dystopia. Things were grim in the 80s. Not like they are now...hey, wait)! Last Wednesday of Feb, at 7pm, at Frazier's.

Atomic Blythe Shirts

Yes, you can say we've gone a wee bit tshirt crazy lately.

Shirts made by who specializes in custom tees for Blythes.


It's Jim Jarmusch in the house!

Found Jackpot

It was a cornucopia of found items yesterday right by the store.


We don't normally get excited about Marvel titles here at Atomic.

But this one is different, for a lot of reasons. And this is just funny:

My docs wouldn't let me do my usual week of drunken insanity, but we still managed to sneak out and get pissed with Garth Ennis and a few other NYC based pals. Whedon was in town and, during the summit, quite brilliantly chose the best of the four endings we'd been arguing over for the better part of a day. You remember that scene in Alan Moore's Swamp Thing where Luthor was hired for a billion dollars a minute to come in and tell these scientists how to kill Swampy? That was Whedon. The guy is a fucking story-machine and we were all blown away until he sneezed in his hand before shaking mine, leaving me with a glistening palm before he shot off for lunch with one of his Broadway buddies. But otherwise, we were in fucking AWE.

A New Knit Night

The Atomic Knit Night has moved to a new night and a new location.

It's now Tuesdays at Holy Frijoles, still from 7-9pm. See you tonight!

"Something For Jon Stewart"

Most days I'm downstairs trying to come up with these pithy posts, paying bills and dealing with other paperwork. And Maggie IMs me with things going on upstairs.

Today it was "Waters is here shooting something for Jon Stewart. Asked our permission."

Uh, wha?

Dude! It's Ed Helms!!

You With The Babies


Sale News

We have hundreds of comics, books and whathaveyou on sale online. But be quick because we're down to single copies on some of these.

IM (AtomicBooks)if you'd like to check stock!

Also on the Ave, Ma Petite Shoe and Oh! Said Rose are having their annual January sale that starts today. 50% off Fluevogs and Campers and J Shoes and more!

50 Books Challenge

Of course largehearted boy completed his 52 Book Project last year and is well into 2006. We are of course sponsoring him again this year with his reading selections.

Are you up for the 50 Books Challenge?

You Asked For It

We're finally getting our new hoodies and tees up on the site. More to come!

They're all American Apparel because you asked for it. Yes, they're a little more pricey, and the owner of the company is some kind of perv, but hey, that's never been a deterrent for us, you know? Plus they're sweatshop free and oh so soft!

AA doesn't fit like your traditional tees, so just keep that in mind when you order them. If you like a looser fit go a size up, and ladies, go for a men's shirt if you don't want it quite fitted.

It's True

photo by DtotheUtotheG

But the books are still interesting. Black air? Come on.

Ok, details have been firmed up for the Shank Reading Club!

Last Wednesdays of the month we meet at Frazier's on the Ave in the back bar. We'll try to grab the big round table.

Be warned: It's a pretty smokey bar. The kind of bar that even smokers say, "Hey, it's really smokey in here."

And for those of you who've quit smoking recently this will be a test of your NY's Resolution!

I haven't had a cigarette since NYE!

That's just gum!

Meditate On This

So last week I was out a couple of days with some mystery sickness (probably allergies) and now this week Benn has jury duty...all in all we're pretty behind on tons of things.

So I just can't bring myself to care that much about a few recent book scandals (Frey, LeRoy, whathaveyou)that aren't really about reading or books.

I'm still a little when something like this Avenging Unicorn Set (on sale soon!) comes into the store it can just stop me in my tracks.

Unicorns are my escapist drug of choice for the day.

Fit For Life

Baltimore has been deemed the fittest city in America.

I thought it was a joke, too.

Our Mayor seems pretty fit. Have you ever seen him in a sleeveless shirt?? H-O-T.

But does he own stock in Starbucks or what:
"You see some neighborhoods starting to grow again, and attracting younger people. With those younger people coming, there's a number of gyms now," O'Malley said. "In every growing neighborhood, you look for two leading signs -- one is a gym and the other is a Starbucks."

Shank Reading Club 2007 - Firsts!

One of the issues we came up against when choosing our list of classic graphic novels last year was that a lot of titles we'd like to have put on the list weren't really stand alone books but part of a multi-volume series.

So for the New Year, we're going to explore first books from their respective series! But not only in the comic format - we're delving deep into genre fiction, where multi-volume epics and chronicles are the norm. I think you'll find that with all of the coming year's selections, these books all stray in interesting ways from their given "categories":

Jan - Baltimore Blues
Feb - The Golden Compass
March - Buddha V1: Kapilavastu
April - Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes
May - Neuromancer
June - Hellblazer: Original Sins
July - Cerebus
August - The Invisibles V1: Say You Want a Revolution
September - Liquor
October - The Ring
November - Lone Wolf & Cub V1
December - American Elf V1

We'll be meeting the last Wednesday of the month, as befor…

Happy New Year!