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Dark Knight Returns

Our March Reading Club book is The Dark Knight Returns. 15% off for the month!

Darren McGavin

Don Knotts

Rest in peace, Love God. Thank you for your comedic genius.

Comics Are Funny

Tim Krieder is always up for a challenge, even from Iran:

Last week I vowed that I would win the Funniest Holocaust Cartoon contest. This is my entry. It was my colleague Emily Flake who first brought the contest to my attention, and we immediately agreed that any self-respecting cartoonist could only take this as a challenge. "Obviously," I said, "the premise must be, 'Best Things About the Holocaust.'" Without missing a beat she brightly said, "Well, it got rid of all those Jews!" Tragically, this could not be translated into cartoon form because it is only funny when said by Emily in all blue-eyed ingenuousness. This only confirms my suspicion that Emily is secretly a worse person than me, but censors herself more on paper. She dared me to draw this cartoon, egged me on to infamy, although of course there was no way she would ever do it.

I think that's a challenge, Emily!

Zines & DIY

We're lucky to have a Zine Library in the area, and they're having a Zine Show & Tell on March 1st, 7-8:30pm.

Also, for more DIY publishing, check out the exhibit for DIY: Design It Yourself over at MICA. Reception and book party is on March 2nd, 6-8pm.

Benefit For Maggie's Face


We Heart Indie Comics

Jessa Crispin admits that self-publishing is still kind of an embarrassing route to publishing for writers, but why not comics?

Some of the strongest writers and illustrators of comics have decided to dip into self-publishing from time to time. What makes that medium so different that going the self-publishing route isn’t so cringe-inducing—but rather a means of heightening credibility?

What is it??

Watchmen Talk Tonight

Yes, it's a short month! It's time to talk about the Watchmen, at Frazier's tonight, 7pm! See you there kids!

Fresh Hot Cinema Sewers

Cinema Sewer 18 has just arrived! If you're serious about your trashy cinema then this is the magazine for you. Every issue is jam-packed with crazy goodness!

And also, a new project by the creator of CS, I Love Poop!

Hey, I came up with an Iron Cartoonist competition idea the other month! Who will compete against our Iron Cartoonists? Who's drawings will reign supreme?

Eat Your Makeup

They're still looking for more recipe submissions! This cookbook project benefits the Charm City Art Space.

Spring, Snow, Spring, Snow...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you please welcome a new neighbor?

From Davida Gypsy Breier:
Garnet Makani Whitby arrived at the height of the snowstorm at 5:32am on Sunday morning (2/12/06). All 8lbs, 6.4ozs of him. Yeah, that was as fun as it sounds.

Congratulations Patrick and Davida! When can we expect Baby's First Zine?

Love Hate

photo by curiouslee

Tomorrow night at the Ottobar, Trixie Little and The Hate Monkey join The World Famous Pontani Sisters, Corn Mo and others for Burlesque-A-Pades, in Loveland!

Our own James Taylor will also be on hand with copies of Shocked and Amazed!


We're open for biz. The roads aren't so bad but the sidewalks are a bit of a trial in places. I suggest encasing your ass in a pillow.

There's some creative parking going on out there as well. So fun all around!

The Day After Tomorrow

We think we may be open tomorrow, but we're still not sure yet.

Snow Day

We're closed due to a large amount of snow.

Nothing like that snowstorm of 2003, but it's still about a foot in places.

Just The Facts

These are the facts:

1. This year is our 5th Anniversary on the Ave.

2. This is the 20th Anniversary of Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

3. This year I Hate the 80s Night will be ALL METAL.

Mark your calendars, April 28th, at the Ottobar, the Heavy Metal Hate the 80s Night. Meet the creators and cast of the documentary! And of course, the "best" metal of the 80s. More info to come!

Maybe I'll get a perm.

Stoop Storytelling

Tonight, at the Creative Alliance, Laura Lippman will tell you a story about failure, along with a whole slew of other Baltimoreans. And maybe you.

Cocktails at 7pm, show starts at 8pm!


Need some sexy candles for Valentine's Day? Check out these pulp fiction 7 Day Candles designed by 9th Life in Fells Pt. They've got one for all the major hoods in Baltimore.

I Will Keep You Always

The littlest Enid ever.

Shot Through The Heart

It's almost that time of year again. If you hurry you can get the new cards from Jason Sho Green in time for VD! They're awesome as usual.

What The Frack?

How was your weekend?

Maggie was hit in the face by an amp at the Ottobar. She got some stitches but I don't think her black eyes have reached maximum color yet.

The Ottobar Tried To Kill Maggie Benefit will happen sometime in March! At the Ottobar.

On Demand

John Waters Presents Movies That Will Corrupt has started on here! Channel starting with Freeway (one of my personal favorites, as well). Watch the trailer!

There's no set viewing time for the 13 episodes. It's On Demand and Pay Per View.

February Reading Club Selection

15% off Watchmen this month for the Reading Club. See you on the last Wednesday at Fraziers, 7pm!

Monkey Don't Care About Nothin'

Monkey just loves you.

Ah but we DO care about this great review of Lulu Eightball in the 10th Anniversary Issue of Bitch:

"The folks at legendary alternative Bookstore Atomic Books just started their very own imprint, and it makes sense that its first offering is this brilliantly dastardly collection of comic strips. With titles like "I Never Meant to Have Thoughts Like This," "Disappointments of the Afterlife," and "Cliches Best Left Unexamined," Emily Flake's comics are morose little slices of spite that make Life in Hell look like the freakin' Family Circus - and maybe more important, serve to remind curmudgeonly types that not only are we not alone, we're everywhere."

Books Make Excellent Accessories

photo by Buenaventura Press

Tiny, leather book!

American Gothic

Carlos Batts will be here tomorrow night, 7pm, signing copies of his new book, American Gothic!