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Summer Fun In Baltimore

"I'm visiting Baltimore this Summer. Can you tell me where I should go and what I should see?"

Yes! Just check out our links page! Chock full of festivals and people and places!

2006 Mid-Atlantic Radical Bookfair

Starts this weekend, and we'll be set up there! Come by Center Stage and say hi!

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can always email or IM us to special order something, ask us to hold a book for you for store pick up, check on stock or just ask us any ol' question?

Well you can.

Don't go crazy now.

Found's 5th

Can you believe Found Magazine is having its Fifth Birthday this week?

It was our fifth anniversary here in Hampden this past Spring. Found was our first event in this location back in November of 2001.

It's like we FOUND each other. Get it? huh? ok.


Summer is upon us. In Baltimore it means holing up with some strong AC and reading some easy breezy books to take you away from the humidity hell outside.

I'm finishing up Nasty Bits (which isn't nasty at all but it is bit-ty), just in time for No Good Deeds which is out next Tuesday! I can be all about Baltimore without having to actually go outside, and I'll be done with that way before Soul Kitchen comes out in July (ugh, it's even more disgustingly humid in New Orleans, but yay! more chef and restaurant adventures!).

Summer's overrated. Overrated is not.

And have you read Monster Island yet? Now's a good time since the sequel comes out in the Fall!

Well, that's the real reason to hole up. Zombies.

Inner Harbor Zombies

photo by MemiorAndie

You can't go anywhere these days without running into zombies.

Ponkutsu Park TONIGHT!

11:30pm at the Charles Theater, tonight, will be a free screening of Josh Slate's latest film short Ponkutsu Park. Free beer, too!

No Ducky

Unfortunately, we have to cancel Ducky Doolittle's book signing for this coming Tuesday. Some asshole stole her luggage in San Francisco, which included her laptop. So her tour has been kind of frozen for the forseeable future.

We're sad but there's always next time!

Peter Zahorecz

There will be a Memorial for Peter Zahorecz this Sunday, 11am at Druid Hill Park.

Contact Nancy about donations for the Memorial or if you have any photos of Peter.

Art Toys

We've been getting in a lot more art toys lately. Mostly the ones that are created by low brow/pop and comic artists.

When confronted with such things, people often ask,"But what do you do with it?"

Think of them as tiny affordable everyday art. What do you do with a painting or a sculpture? It doesn't do anything. You just look at it, collect it, enjoy it, love it. So wait, it does do something. They bring the happy.

Post Honfest Photos

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful.

Check out the new flickr group for Honfest 2006!

RollerDerby Fox

We still have Roller Derby tickets for this Sunday.

Look! If you click on the sidebar video, you can watch Maggie giving you a roller derby pointer or two.

Honfest 2006

Saturday is Honfest! It's an excuse to drink on the street and for cross dressers to let it all hang out. I hear that a pack of Huns might start a rumble.

We're having a huge clearinghouse sale so come on out to view the spectacle. Comics for under a dollar and books for under three dollars. Did you hear that Mike? Cheap comics!!

Happy Day Of The Beast!


Batwoman Is SO Gay

Out of the closet and into your comics.

Lit Derby

We have tickets for the Charm City Roller Girls bouts on June 11th. That's next weekend already!

Ever wonder how you can combine your love of literature and Roller Derby? Well McSweeney's has a start.

Overrated, the Book

Chunklet's Overrated Book is finally here!

Benn is VERY happy about it. I don't know why he looks like that.

Flakey Travels

June 15th is the next Stoop Stories at the Creative Alliance. It's a night of storytelling based on a theme. Emily Flake will be there and so will we with Lulu Eightballs in hand.

Your Space

Has anyone else noticed that My Space is no longer the place of band promotion but author/book/comic promotion?

Maybe it's just us.