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Skates On A Plane

It's time for Rollercon so our Charm City Roller Girls are in Vegas! Have fun, ladies!

In 50 Years, Baltimore Will Be Under Water

Penguin Books has started a blog, the first "major" publisher to do so.

I'm this the end of publishing or the end of blogs?

Or just the end of the world?

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

How's your To Read Pile?

With new books coming in every day, sometimes even every few hours, it's a losing battle. But I don't mind.

Comic Con 2006 Recap

illustration by grickily

Remember when Comic Cons were about...oh I don't know...comics?!

Now they have live tv coverage (G4tv) and a parade of movie stars with toys and video game showcases.

These people went, so we didn't have to:

Comic Con Pool
Patton Oswalt's Comic Con Overheards

Obsessive Consumption

Kate Bingaman has been documenting and illustrating her purchases and the corresponding debt for a few years now. She's creating art and commentary about our overwhelming consumer culture from the inside.

And now it's in zine form!

Nerd Prom 2006

Pick me up something special at Nerd Prom this week!

The cameraphone photos should be starting up soon on flickr.

First Klingon sighting wins!

Heat Index

Due to the heat (heat index of 105 supposedly) and some work being done in the store we'll be closing early tonight - 6pm!

Coming Soon!

Everyone's on pins and needles!

That's my Heidi Klum impersonation. Yeah, it's good.

The Avenue is bursting with new shops and shops about to open:

Chelle' Paperie is now open, in the old Nouveau Interiors location.

Our Dogwood Cafe - a new smoothie bar and natural deli is on the verge of opening, underneath Bikram Yoga. They'll expand into a full restaurant in the Fall.

Rocket to Venus - a new bar and restaurant in the old Showalter's location, based on the rocket launched to Venus (unsuccessfully) here in Hampden back in the early 20th century.

In the newly renovated Hampden Hall:
Sprout - Rachael Epstein's new salon (she's been doing our hair for years!)
Red Tree - promising electic home furnishings and accessories
HoneyBee Haven - candle shop and gifts
Suntrust Bank

And lots of moving around:
New System Bakery, which has been here for over 85 years, has reopened on Chestnut! They're serving breakfast now!

Heavens to Betsy! has moved to Elm, just off the Ave…

July 23rd Bout


We Are Saved

Whether you think of Baltimore as the biggest northernmost southern city or the biggest southernmost northern city, one thing remains true - it is fucking hot in the Summertime.

Thanks to Darwin and Cheryl (our landlord's handy people) we have a new unit (Unit #2) installed in no time flat. And just in time.

And yes, it's the humidity! Moisture is not good for paper. And right now the air is so thick it's like you're swimming.

Everyone Loves Conjoined Twins

You can see this painting and more work by Nina Friday down the street at Paradiso (1015 W 36th St) right now.

There's also a slew of conjoined twins books out this year, but thesetwo are your best bets.

Palace Of Wonders

The Grand Opening of The Palace of Wonders is this weekend, starting tonight!

Keyboard Man Returns

Hampden Idol preliminaries are starting next week at Molly's!

Hampdenfest is in 2 months!! Practice makes karaoke!

We Love Our Freedom

We will be closed tomorrow!

This Tuesday break would be a good time to start the Shank Reading Club Selection for July, which is My New York Diary by Julie Doucet. And it's 15% off for the month.