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Daily Dunny

I could post a dunny every day but that's not what this is about.

This is about The Daily Show Dunny that will be signed by Jon Stewart and part of a charity auction. Sept 7th, this and other customized Dunnys and Fatcaps go on ebay!

Reading Club Tonight

Looks like our new space isn't quite ready for the Reading Club, so it'll be Frazier's tonight at 7pm, one last time!

See you there! We're going to tear Jimmy Corrigan apart! Maybe.

Rare John Waters Ephemera

Next weekend is the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Among the hundreds of international antiques dealers (of which are 60 antiquarian book dealers) will be Lux Mentis, a rare books dealer who will have on hand "a range of material from Premiere posters for Pink Flamingos and Dangerous Living (the original Baltimore version, not the common general release), a set of photographs by Lawrence Irvine from the set/shooting of Pink Flamingos, original printed ephemera from PF (the 'Midnight' frontpage showing Divine voted 'Filthiest Person Alive')" among other John Waters related items.

Pre-Hampden Idol

Tonight, at Molly's will be another round of Hampden Idol tryouts!

But don't fret if you can't make it. JUST announced:

The TRUE FINAL round of try outs will be at the Hon Bar, 10pm, September 8th!

Ready? Set! Review!

We've turned on reviews in our online catalog. Now you can write a blurb about that thing you just bought and what you thought of it. Maybe about an author you love or a band that disappointed you.

Like this. But perhaps more specific.

All reviews will need to be approved by us before they'll be public, but that's just to weed out spammers and random potty mouthiness.

To get you into the mood we'll be giving away $25 in store credit for the "review of the week" and post it with our Friday Reviews on our blog. Be sure to sign your review!

Reviews need to be short and sweet, though. Sorry, we don't have room for manifestos.

Tattoo Summer

Lauren's latest tattoo, also inspired by an artist she espied in a magazine at the store.

1000 Tattoos is back in print again! Tattoo Summer is almost over, what did you get?

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The Metal Years

Mark your calendars for November 4th because that's when we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Heavy Metal Parking Lot with an ALL METAL I Hate the 80s Night! At the Ottobar! Hosted by Keyboard Man!

HMPL cast alumni and their band! An MTV VJ from the 80s?

More info coming soon!!

DVD Pizza Party

Well, we had more people than we had anticipated at our Wholphin Screening! It was fun and we'll make it a regularly occuring event after we work some kinks out (the lights/power set up is strange in the new place and I'm sure once we actually have furniture the sound won't be as boomy).

Also next time, more vegetarian pizza.

For those of you who came and saw Josh Slates' latest (out now on DVD!), can you really get this song out of your head? I can't.

Full Of Possibilities

It's all painted and empty. Perfect for a video party!

Tomorrow night, McSweeney's will be sending Matthew's Pizzas and we'll be stocking the beer. 8pm!

We'll watch some stuff by Skizz and Josh Slates and some choice selections from Wholphin 2!

Horror! Zombies!

This weekend is Horrorfind, going on right now.

And don't forget the Zombie Prom, next week, August 18th.

Atomic Pop

It's all empty now...but coming soon - Atomic Pop!

What: We'll be carrying more of the indie/DIY arts and crafts that we have in the store, more contemporary art books, artist books and handmade zines, more original comic art, an expanded collection of art toys and pop culture items from Asia.

When: Grand Opening in October. Sneek Peek at Hampdenfest!

Where: 3620 Falls Rd. Next door to doubledutch Boutique.

Wholphin Screening Party

Hey, we're having a Wholphin Screening Party and McSweeney's is going to bring the pizza. Next Thursday, the 17th, 8pm, in our new space, 3620 Falls Rd.

We're also going to have a few film shorts from local filmmakers and debut Josh Slates' DVD, Ponkutsu Park!

Also, later on that night, Duff's new show, Ace of Cakes, debuts on the Food Network at 10:30pm. An impromptu screening party may happen at Dizzy's.

Believe It

You find the craziest things in the Believer.

Benn found a tattoo.

(Thanks to Bill from the Baltimore Tattoo Musuem!)

Try To Do This With The Internet

See, books are better!


photo by feedmesoup

It has begun!

The Smartest Reading Club On Earth

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth is our Reading Club pick for this month. As always, it's 15% off and we'll be meeting the last Wednesday of the month to discuss.

But this time, instead of Frazier's, we'll be meeting in the new Atomic Pop space. 7pm, more details to come!

Comics Aren't Just For Kids Article #1756

Oh those wacky mainstream journalists! They've discovered comics. Again.

But when explaining/defending the greatness of comics, people often say strange things.

"[Terry] Moore told, "This is a really great industry to find America's best short story writers right now because where else are you going to find them?" about a bookstore? Just a thought. It's not like we're in a shortstoryfaminethisyear.

(via largehearted boy)

What Would Jesus Think?

The hatemail sent to the author of the Gospel of the FSM.

boingboing has some choice selections.

"people like you are scum, I hope you die by the hands of some sick perverted guy who will skullfuck you and then use your skin to make lampshades."

Jesus should have skipped the turning-the-other-cheek thing (since that didn't really take) and taught his followers something about having a sense of humor.

Hampdenfest 06

September 16th!

If you plan on competing in Hampden Idol come by to Molly's this Friday, the 4th, for the preliminary rounds!

Ah Friday...when the temperatures will be in the comparatively chilly low 90s!