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Danzig's Lit Picks

Danzig gives you a tour of his library, shirtless.

Now, I want to play Guitar Hero.

Events Galore!

Let us review our upcoming events for the next 6 weeks or so:

March 28th: Reading Club meeting.

April 5th: Virgin author, Hanne Blank (no, she is not actually a virgin), will be at atomic POP, 7-9pm.

April 6th: First Fridays here on the Ave! At atomic POP we'll be having our fundraiser for our charity, Moveable Feast, which will be a Guitar Hero competition but is now featuring an actual guitar raffle!

It's also a Toy Trading Party! So bring your dupes and trade away!

Check out the rest of the street, because many businesses will be having their own parties and sales and staying open late!

April 20th: Bill Griffith, creator of Zippy the Pinhead, will be at Atomic Books, 6-7pm! Meet the artist and get some books signed.

April 28th: We'll be launching our third book, The Future Generation by China Martens, who will be signing at atomic POP, 7-9pm, along with Ariel Gore, and her latest book, and Annie Downey with her latest.

May 4th and 5th, we'll be set up at the Maryland Film F…

A Good Read, But What Would It Smell Like?

The Neil Gaiman Collection by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, has got to be the first literary perfume set. Right?

And all proceeds go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!

I want to smell like Death!

Virgin: The Untouched History

Book signing with author of Virgin, Hanne Blank.

April 5th, 7-9pm, at atomic POP, 3620 Falls Rd.

R. Crumb Exhibit

An awesome flickr photo set, by Alvin Buenaventura, of Crumb's retrospective at the Yerba!

First Fridays!

On first Fridays, here in Hampden, a lot of merchants stay open later into the evening and have special sales or events. So come out, walk around!

April 6th, over at POP, we'll be having a low key trading party (for all those multiples of blind boxed toys you have - you can bring ANY toy to trade) and a Guitar Hero Competition to benefit Team Atomic who are once again riding for the Feast! There'll be refreshments and a bake sale to raise funds as well!

Starts at 7pm!

The prize for the winner on the Hard level will be a $100 gift certificate to Atomic Books/POP and a goodie bag of toys, books & other ephemera.

The prize for the winner on the Easy level $22.93.

It's just a $1 per try.

I, of course, will not be entered into the competition. I'll just be there to taunt you with my skillz. Unless you're 12 years old, then you'll probably kick my ass.

What's A Thricewise?


Buffy #1

It's in, and with a variant cover!

The read-a-long is still on for tonight at the Golden West Bar! 8pm!


egg and photo by Rakka

It's almost Spring! Time for those Springy things and rituals.

I'm so excited about the early Daylight Saving Time, which happens this Sunday. When Benn first told me about it I thought he was bullshitting me. As is his wont. Which is why I didn't fall for his "Oh, and a day is going to have 25 hours starting April 1st."

Why Not Write A Weird Song?

Feeling creative? Looking for something to do? Why not write a song and send it to Billy Sugarfix's Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Bizarre Lyrics Contest. The deadline is March 10!

The 5 winners will have their songs set to music and recorded. Judges are Jad Fair, Seth Falkner, Franklin Bruno and David (Largehearted Boy) Gutowski.

Need inspiration? These may help.

But before you write your song, be sure to check out (and add a few) Chunklet's Rock Rules project, just so you can avoid any embarrassing mistakes.

March Selection - Buddha Vol 1

Buddha Volume 1 is the Shank Reading Club selection for March.

As always, 15% off for the month and discussion is the last Wednesday of the month at atomic POP! 7-9pm!