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Friday Review - Something Old, Something New

Mish read an Advanced Reading Copy of Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis:

Crooked Little Vein delivers Warren Ellis' distinctive style out of the graphic novel section and into the unsuspecting hands of mainstream America, and for this I am positively gleeful. The novel follows the twisted journey of one Mike McGill - PI, shit-magnet, and straight man to Ellis' humor - through the perverse underworld of a surprisingly recognizable America in pursuit of an iconic relic of "the good old days". Set in pseudo-present day, Ellis feels no particular need to embellish the habits of America's practicing perverts as we saw in Transmetropolitan, but still succeeds in hitting the reader as powerfully as ever with his concise prose and fantastically disturbing imagery.

Benn read Dishwasher by Pete Jordan:

Pete Jordan converted his youthful restlessness and anti-authoritarian inclinations into what would seem a simple enough quest - to wash dishes in all 50 states. Turning his…

Reading Club Tonight - Hellblazer

It's the last Wednesday of the month so that means we meet at atomic POP for the Shank Reading Club. Tonight is Hellblazer: Original Sins. It's the longest running Vertigo comic title!


Thoughts On The Final Harry Potter


Summer Reading

Benn's graphic novel picks for some serious Summertime reading. Funny photo.

The days are already getting shorter! Get crackin'!!

This Is Bullshit

He said it was his first time. Tao Lin has played Guitar Hero before. You can't believe a thing he says.

Stuff To Do

Come out tomorrow night for Tao Lin and Paul Hornschemeier at atomic POP!

And then on Saturday for Michael Fournier and We Jam Econo! Also, at POP.

You'll Take My Life But I'll Take Yours Too

First Fridays here on the Avenue is a night where a lot of the shops stay open late and have special events, sales, whathaveyou.

First Friday in July will be our next Guitar Hero competition over at atomic POP! Prizes will be given for Easy, Medium and Hard levels. Included in the grand prize will be a voucher for the Guitar Hero 80s game, which will be released on July 17th.

It's also a release party for the new Smile Hon zine, Criminally Yours!

Hmmm, that week in July is also the release of the last Harry Potter. We should have an 80s Guitar Hero/Harry Potter Party where we all dress as wizards and rock out.

Ok, that's the weirdest mashup idea yet.

I finally got through "Freya" on Expert, btw. Now "The Trooper" will be the next Bane of My Existence.

Last Issue Of Punk Planet

If I posted about every indie magazine, publisher, bookstore, record store, distributor, etc, closing, going bankrupt, having financial difficulties...that's all this blog would be about.

But Punk Planet just sent out their last issue, so let's just say this represents a lot of the problems in the indie publishing/business world.

At least it's not another fundraiser/benefit request, right?

Derby Mania

Tickets for this Sunday's Charm City Rollergirls bout are on sale now here at Atomic and Reptilian Records.

If you've never been before this bout should be a little more of the crazy side. The Today Show is taping as well as Ace of Cakes.

And it's the season's most anticipated match ups - Speed Regime Vs the Night Terrors and The Mobtown Mods Vs the Junkyard Dolls.

We have good friends on all the teams...but...



DC and Marvel have decided that girls might want to read comics. But for some reason they need comics written specifically for them.

Funny, I've been reading comics forever and I never needed them to be translated to girlcode for me to like them. Oh wait, I'm a freak.

Eeeee Eee Eeee & Bed

Tao Lin, Reader of Depressing Books, has had a 2 book debut, Eeeee Eee Eeee & Bed.

He'll be here on June 21st with Paul.

Starts at 7pm, at atomic POP, 3620 Falls Rd!

Three Paradoxes

New York Magazine has exclusive excerpts of Paul Hornschemeier's new book Three Paradoxes.

Hornschemeier will be at atomic POP with Tao Lin, June 21st for another of our author mash-ups!

Honfest Sale!

This weekend, June 9th & 10th, all the books at atomic POP will be 10% off. Sale items outside, which include toys, will be 30-80% off!

We'll be set up on the sidewalk on Falls Rd. on Saturday only, so come by and visit, as we watch the hordes of cross-dressers go by.

Buffy #4

Comes out tomorrow!

And we'll be at the Hon Bar around 7pm to read and discuss.

Baltimore Hotlist

Visiting Baltimore this Summer? We've finally updated our Baltimore Links page. These are the bands, places, festivals and people you should see/visit/hit/stalk!

(Friends - let us know if any links need to be updated, removed or added. Wait, why am I even saying this? I'm sure I'll be flooded with emails.)


Meet our new consignment manager. It's Eamon Espey, an up and coming comic artist. Nervous is his style.

Lauren is now over at atomic POP. Her heart was stolen by toys.

Book Notes

largehearted boy is a music blog with literary tendencies. His Book Notes section features writers who create a playlist for their recent works.

Today's is Benn's playlist of all comic related music.