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Friday Review - It Better Not Rain

Benn read Filter Magazine:

While I generally try to thumb through and keep up with all the music magazines that come through Atomic, there aren't many I read on a regular basis or read cover to cover. I mostly only thumb through to see who they're covering (it's easy to spot patterns and trends when looking at music magazine covers and who they mention on their covers), to see who they're reviewing, and to see what other things, like books, DVDs, video games, movies, etc., they mention.

By and large, real rock criticism is dead. And I tend to not be interested in reading interviews with artists whose art I like. I subscribe to the theory that goes: the last person in the world to fully understand the importance of a piece of work is the artist who created it. And older artists, having done so many interviews, tend to have their answers down pat, and younger artists... well, I'm not sure a 22 year old with a synthesizer is going to reveal much to me I didn't alrea…

Lone Wolf & Cub

Tonight is the discussion group for Lone Wolf & Cub at POP. Starts at 7pm!

The next and last book of the year for the Shank Reading Group is American Elf. It'll be for sale at 15% off for the month of December.

Brian Ralph

ihatemondaysprint, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Unfortunately we just sold out of this silkscreen print by Brian Ralph...

Wow, this Monday really does suck!

The Magical Lights of Hampden

2005balldrop, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. The lights officially turn on tonight at 34th Street, Hampden, Baltimore, USA, Planet Earth!

Five For Five Faves Friday

Coolsville, MD

Dan Clowes, Art Spiegelman and Alan Moore on The Simpsons, as superheroes.

I haven't really kept up with the Simpsons in a while, but this episode killed.

And Jack Black's Korean wasn't bad.

30 Days of Xmas Shopping

I know, I know, you're just getting ready for Thanksgiving this week, but there are only 30 more days of online shopping you can do from us to get your orders in time for Xmas!! The cut off date is December 18th.

Also, many many items will be sold out way before then since a lot of what we carry are made in limited editions and also, it's freakin' Xmas, people! You know shit sells out.

Here's a distraction for your freak out. Well, it made me laugh.

Friday Review - Hungry Now

Rachel read Hungry Planet by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio:

Finally out in paperback, Hungry Planet was a favorite coffee table book around this time a couple of years ago. As a collection of photos of what families eat in one week all over the world (imagine family portraits only with everything they consume arranged all around them), it's a beautiful and fascinating peek into how we all live.

But in softcover I actually read it from cover to cover. All the short essays, write ups for each visited family and statistics for each country (a lot of other places aren't that far behind on obesity to the US) were just as captivating as the photos.

Benn read Closed Caption Comics #666 by the Closed Caption Comics Collective:

There's a quiet comics revolution going on here in Baltimore. By "quiet", I mean it doesn't get the same press/ink/comics media attention that Fort Thunder received, or that the current Brooklyn scene is getting or even the kids from The Cen…


We'll be closed on Thanksgiving (next Thursday - yeah! already!).

ETA: We will be closing early on Wednesday the 21st, at 6pm!

Friday Review - Giving Thanks

Rachel watched This Filthy World, by John Waters, directed by Jeff Garlin:

John Waters is an enlightened human being. He knows what really matters in life - friends, being productive, being yourself, and books. He's accomplished quite a bit with his life and his "lecture" is full of interesting anecdotes and great tips and advice for everything from filmmaking to child rearing, as well as just plain simple common sense rules like: "If you go home with somebody and they don't have books - don't fuck 'em."

Eamon read King-Cat #68 by John Porcellino:

I only started reading John Porcellino's King-Cat Comics this last year. I had been aware of it for awhile, but the drawings never caught my attention. When I actually gave it a chance I found out how much the drawings complement the stories. They're quiet, humble and often pretty funny. In issue 68 John examines an anthill, recounts life antidotes of philosopher Diogenes and pays homage to his recen…

Church of the Subgenius

Rev. Ivan Stang will be at atomic POP tomorrow, Saturday, Nov 10th, from 2-4pm! Books will be signed, rants will be ranted!

Shocked & Amazed

Shocked & Amazed Volume 9 is out! We'll get our copies in next week!

Tomorrow night, at the Lo-Fi, James Taylor and friends will be putting on a show!

Perry Bible Fellowship Book Release Party

perrybiblefellowship, première mise en ligne par sugarfreak.
The first collection of the Perry Bible Fellowship is here, and Nicholas Gurewitch will be at POP to sign copies on the 29th!

Knit Night

Starting next week, Knit Night will be back on at the Golden West Long Bar, which is right across the street from Atomic Books.

Tuesdays, 7-9pm!

TV Vacation

OMG, what will we do about the looming screenwriters strike??

Hmmm, you could spend more time on Guitar Hero III or playing a real banjo...or, oh yeah, catch up on your reading.

What Does Knitting Sound Like?

Experimental artist and musician, Laure Drogoul, talks about that with the Sun.

Come see her tomorrow at atomic POP!