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MC Chris - Art Fight!

Over at The Ottobar tomorrow night is MC Chris and an Art Fight, upstairs:

You can watch it live, too!

Speak of the Devil #6

fpspeakdevil6, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. by Gilbert Hernandez

It's the final issue. Maggie says, "Whoa. It got weird."

First Friday - June

Next week, First Friday for June, we'll be having a trading party at atomic POP! We'll also be playing Wii (probably Mario Kart)- so come on by!

Flake Smash Puny Hulk

The Lulu Awards are happening at MOCCA this year!

Our own Emily Flake is emceeing the event and our own Julia Wertz is nominated for a Kim Yale Award (best new talent).

And speaking of awards, Emily won a Prism Award earlier this month for These Things Ain't Gonna Smoke Themselves. She beat the Hulk, which was also nominated for "accurate depiction of drug, alcohol, or tobacco use in a comic book story line."

This Weekend

FREELANCE SHOW, originally uploaded by frankie two thumbs. The Charm City Roller Girls are having an International Dance Party Benefit party tonight at the H&H!

Also tonight is the City Paper's Freelancer's Show (info above).

And tomorrow is SoWeBo!

Diamond Comics #1 - First Panel

diamondcomics, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. from the anthology, Diamond Comics #1.

Yay, Team Atomic!

Memorial Day Hours

We'll be open from 11am - 2pm this Monday!

Basic Cable Show Declares War on Baltimore

Post flight briefing?, originally uploaded by kevinpereira. Attack of the Show declared War on Baltimore yesterday. We think it's adorable.

ETA: Speaking of which, Nerdfest is going on right now.

Baltimore Zine Round-up

Going through new zines has become a fun "Where's Waldo" exercise, these days, spotting the Baltimore people.

Here are some new zines that feature Baltimoreans:
Paracinema - Charm City Cakes' Duff Goldman (of the Food Network's Ace Of Cakes) shares some of his favorite films. Good call on My Blue Heaven, Duff.

Anthem #34 - profiles on Ponytail and The DeathSet.

BPM #91 - profile on The DeathSet.

Saveur #111 - an article on "Baltimore's Favorite Cookie." That's right, Berger Cookies!

Skyscraper #27 - a review of Celebration's Modern Tribe and Beach House's Devotion

Venuszine #35 - a review of Beach House's Devotion

Razorcake #43 - a review of zine Thoughtworm

Giant Robot #53 - our very own Rachel contributes a 5 list on "How To Beat The Chainstores"

Bitch #39 - a review of China Martens' The Future Generation (published by us)

Not My Small Diary #14 - includes a comic by Ramsey Beyer


Art of Manliness

Need some tips on being a man? They made a list of 100 books for that!

Oddly, or not so oddly, some of these are my favorite books of all time.

(via bookslut)

The Boy Who Made Silence 3 - First Panel

boywhomadesilence3, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. by Josh Hagler

Postage Goes Up

Stamps are another cent more as well as other prices.

And zinesters/comickers are turning to blogs more and more.


I still don't know how I feel about book trailers yet.

Does it make you want to read Palahniuk's new book?

Tax Refund....SPENT!

Tax Refund....SPENT!, originally uploaded by chewbaccas_ballz. This is Neil in his new sweet sweatshirt.

Remember, if you're going to spend your refund, try to stimulate your local economy!

New Books

justinbooks, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Some recent new stuff!

I'm especially excited about All Known Metal Bands. Yes, just lists of all known metal band names. Yes!

24x2 - First Panel

24x2, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. by David Chelsea

Charm City Roller Girls - June Bout

June 08 Bout Poster, originally uploaded by Mag Sabo.

Reading Club - Wholphin 5

Getting a bit of a late start this month for the Shank Reading Club, but continuing in our periodical year, next up is Wholphin #5. Not technically a read but very much a periodical.

15% off for the month and the discussion will be the last Wednesday of the month over at atomic POP, 3620 Falls Rd.

This Weekend

There's too much going on this weekend around here. Here's just a sample.

And though we don't have anything going on tonight because we're at the Filmfest, it's First Friday in Hampden so other businesses will be open later than usual and having parties. Come on down and walk around between your movies!