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Don't Let Arthur Die

Arthur Magazine, which we give away for free here at Atomic Books, needs your help. They need to raise money by July 1st or they will die. They're a great little magazine that covers art and music and comics.

Won't you help?

ETA: Ok, Arthur saved. Good job!

Uke Pop Party At Atomic POP

This Sunday, at atomic POP, 3620 Falls Rd, we're having a slew of fun uke based music from 2-5pm. Tippy Canoe, Uni & Her Ukele, Victoria Vox and Baltimore's own The Go-Pills. Come by and check it out, it's free!

Postage Stamp Funnies - First Panel

postagestampfunnies, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. by Shannon Wheeler (of Too Much Coffee Man), a tiny boxed set of adorable comics.

Who's The Most Emo Superhero?

You could say they're all pretty emo, but I vote for the Hulk.

(We saw the new movie last night and it wasn't bad. Norton is a perfect Bruce Banner. They even used the sad walking off music that was at the end of every episode from the tv show.)

The New Classics - Says EW

Wigger Haircut #2 - First Panel


Saving Books

This is an awesome story about saving books from the Main Library at the University of Iowa. But also? Perhaps a good moving trick idea for us? Volunteers?

Baltimore Magazine Round-up

My new favorite hobby now is to thumb through new zines/magazines when they come in and see which Baltimoreans are mentioned.

Here are a few new issues:
Paper Magazine - features a fashion photo spread featuring Wye Oak

Tokion - reviews of Future Islands and Animal Collective.

Signal To Noise #50 - talks about Drew Daniel's 33 1/3 series contribution, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, as well as reviews/mentions of Matmos, Human Bell, Wye Oak, The Lexie Mountain Boys and Darsombra.

There's also a piece written by "Ian Nagosk" which we're pretty sure is supposed to be True Vine's Ian Nagoski.

Xlr8r #118 - has a profile of The Lexie Mountain Boys.

The Chunky Gnars - First Panel

fpchunkygnars, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. by Chris Cornwell

Honfest 2008

dynamitepromhons, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. This weekend, June 14-15th, is Honfest!

We'll be having massive sales at both Books and POP, 3620 Falls Rd. Tons of books, toys and various goodies for 15-80% off!

There's music, food and drinks all weekend long.

We're Moving - Atomic Books Mega Store!

moving, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. To celebrate our 16th Anniversary, Atomic Books will be moving by the end of July.

Don't worry, we'll still be in Hampden. In fact, Atomic Books will be moving into what is currently atomic POP, just around the corner from where we're currently located.

Both stores will be open until the move is complete, and we'll be offering a bunch of "help us move by buying this" sales in the stores.

Instead of having 2 stores where we have stuff split up, we'll now be creating one mega store by combining. That's right,we'll still be carrying everything you can currently find at both stores - but it'll all be under one roof.

Frankly, we've outgrown the old Atomic Books space, and the atomic POP location has so much space that we'll be able to fit more shelves while creating more browsing space. (Seriously, ever been in on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday and try to browse our shelves? It can get a bit tight).
So pl…

WYPR - The Signal

Atomic Books will be on our local NPR affiliate's arts show, The Signal, once a month to provide some reading suggestions. The show airs locally at 88.1FM on Fridays at Noon and again at 7PM.

Our first segment is today, June 6th. Benn has some Summer reading suggestions.

House Of Mystery #2 - First Panel

houseofmystery2, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. #2 in this new interesting revival series.

MOCCA 2008

This weekend if you happen to be at MOCCA, you'll get to see our own Eamon Espey's brand new book published by Secret Acres. We'll be having a book event with him later this Summer.

Say hi to Emily Flake and Julia Wertz at the Lulu Awards and stop by Eamon's NY book party at Desert Island Comics - a five book event!

Goodnight Kinko's

I don't know about you, but there was a time in my life when I felt like I lived in Kinko's or other indie copyshops back in my college days. Making my zines, writing my college papers at 3am, freaking out, etc.

Kinko's hasn't been the Kinko's of old in years (decades?), of course, and was bought by FedEx a while back, but now even the name will be gone "in an effort to win large business customers".

Esopus - Reading Club Pick

This month we'll be reading Esopus #10 for our Shank Reading Club pick of the month.

15% off for the month! And our discussion meeting will be the last Wednesday of June, over at atomic POP, 7pm.

An Explosion In Houston...

We're back! There was an explosion in Houston Saturday evening that took down thousands of sites all over the world...and we were one of them.

If you sent us email over Saturday evening or Sunday, we didn't get it.

You can always check the atomic POP blog when this one or our site seems to be down, for news or updates.

If POP is down as well, then the world is probably ending so it's not that important anyway.