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Kramers Ergot 7

The new issue of Kramers Ergot coming later this Fall is not for the faint of heart.

Just look at the list of contributors! Look at that size! Look at that price!

We can't wait for it.

2 Of The Best Places To Drink Beer In America

The new issue of Imbibe Magazine (#15) hit our stands today. Its cover story is "100 Best Places To Drink Beer In America," and Baltimore happens to house 2 of them.

Congratulations to our friends over at Brewers Art and the fine folks at Mahaffey's Pub.

We're big fans of The Brewer's Art's Resurrection Ale (and The Ozzy!), and you'll find Brewer's Art under the "Best Bottle Lists" "Best Belgians" category:
The Brewer's Art
1106 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201
The Brewer's Art is three establishments in one: dark, hipster-packed rathskeller; gilt-edged upstairs bar; and formal, Tudor-inflected dining room. In any, however, you can munch on garlic-rosemary fries with mayo and order one of many Belgian brews or one of the bar's own Belgian-style house-made beers. (Try the Resurrection.) And under the "Best Kept Secrets" category:
Mahaffey's Pub
2706 Dillon St., Baltimore, MD 21224

Cloudy With A Chance Of Doom

Oh no! I guess this isn't news but I just found out that they're making one of my favorite books into a movie!

Fall Event Calendar

Some upcoming events are now listed on our Events Page. It's going to be a jampacked Fall.

KidRobot Simpsons

simpsons, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Just released today and they're pretty cute!

First Panel - Air #1


Roller Derby Saturday

We've got tickets on sale right now for this weekend's Roller Derby! VIP tickets as well as Ottobar tickets for the Endless Summer Festival on the 31st.


matteo, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. We love it when we get to meet our longtime online customers in person. Matteo came all the way from Italy to visit us and Baltimore for the first time!

For those of you who frequent our site and our blog, if you come by the actual shop, don't be shy and introduce yourself! It's great to put faces to the names.


sweetiepiepressbuttons, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. We just got in some more buttons from Sweetie Pie Press!

And in more sweetish news, Puffs & Pastries should be opening soon!

Hampdenfest 08

Hampdenfest is coming September 13th!

Band line up should be up soon so keep checking!

Some New Stuff

newstuff, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Mark Ryden and Marion Peck's children book, Sweet Wishes, new Astonishing X-Men with Warren Ellis now on writing duty and so much more stuff coming soon!

August Reading Club Selection

We're getting a bit of a late start this month, but the magazine selection is the new Mojo. Unfortunately it has a Beatles cover...but what can you do. It's 5% off for the month!

And we meet on the last Wednesday of the month to discuss. Well, and drink whatever Messick discovered at the Asian market that day. Starts at 7pm!


unicornasaurus, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. On sale today, along with the new labbits!

Zines & Magazines & Stuff

zines&magazines, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. We're still rearranging and moving stuff around the store but things are beginning to make more sense around here.

We're still unpacking btw, so don't hesitate to ask about where something is. We'll help you find it!

Otakon 2008

loricrissy_072007_fountains12, originally uploaded by Patty Boh. It's that time of year again. This weekend the Inner Harbor gets taken over by these people!