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Holiday Events

And so it begins!

This Friday around the Avenue, a lot of merchants will be open a little early and stay open a little later than usual, some will have some snacks and drinks but we'll all be having plenty of sales!

We'll have tons of selected books, comics and toys on sale for 25-80% off!

Nolen Stral's MD Black Flag shirts are back, as well as his I Heart Bmore Hoodies.

We should have more Obama shirts this weekend as well!

This Saturday kicks off the lights on 34th St. And along the Avenue itself you may have noticed some cool street light decorations, too. They've all been created by local artists.

Next Sunday is the Annual Mayor's Christmas Parade, which starts at 2pm, and for a few weekends in December, Santa's going to be walking around and will be available for photo ops. Here's a handy listing of these and other upcoming events.

So come on down to the Avenue and walk that turkey/tofurkey off!

Holiday Hours

This week we will close at 6pm on Wednesday.

We'll be closed Thanksgiving Day.

Friday we'll be open from 10am - 8pm!


It never snows before Thanksgiving around here!

Do you know what would be awesome right now?

A stack of comics or magazines and a hot cocoa.

On the Radio with Some Holiday Gift Suggestions

Tomorrow (Friday, 11/21), I'll be on our local NPR affiliate's excellent, area arts show, The Signal with some holiday gift suggestions and doing a reading from The Book of Whale Insults (mostly reading insults).
WYPR - 88.1FM Baltimore
WYPF - 88.1FM Frederick/Hagerstown and
WYPO - 106.9 Eastern Shore
You can listen live online.

The Signal airs Fridays at noon and again at 7PM.

Kramers Ergot 7 Signing

kramersergot7, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. December 3rd, 7pm at Atomic Books!

Kramers Ergot 7 has already made several Best of 2008 lists and it's not even technically out yet.

Come see it for yourself and meet the editor, Sammy Harkham, as well as artists Ron Rege, Kevin Huizenga and John Pham.

Mitten Project for James McHenry School

mittenproject, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Are you a knitter and can spare some time to knit a pair of mittens for some kids who need them? All the yarn will be provided.

Contact me ( and I'll fill you in on the details.

Bush Sticker Gallery

burningbush, originally uploaded by Peter Menchetti. From StickerGuy, a gallery of all the Bush related stickers they've made over the years.

Just for you Mr. Bush! Thanks for nearly ten years of good laughs -- now go, uh, "enjoy" yourself. The party is over; it's time for us to take an aspirin and clean up the mess. We're afraid our new President Obama won't inspire as many voices as you have. Here's to Hope, and to hoping that our customers will continue to find something that inspires them as much as you have. The reality is that in a diverse, democratic society, with a leader who can finish a sentence, there isn't as much to raise your voice about. Without you, Mr. Bush, we expect it to be a bit quiet for awhile here at Sticker Guy!

Buffy 19

Ugh, it's delayed AGAIN! Sorry, no new Buffy until next week. Hopefully.

This wouldn't be happening if it were still a tv show.

UPDATE: Damn! No new Buffy until the 26th!

Missed Connections

Ever see someone at an Atomic Books event that you didn't get a chance to talk to or didn't have the nerve?

Well I've started a group on Facebook for all you single people with similar interests (i.e. Atomic Books) to mingle. Of course not everyone in the group is single but may have single friends they can introduce you to.

Knit Night at the GW

Are you getting down to the Xmas present crunch with your crafted items? Come out to the Golden West Bar tomorrow night to work on your stuff with other crafters! Starts at 7pm.

Reading Stack

Some new things we've been reading and enjoying around here:

1. Freakangels - I started reading this online, and didn't think I'd care about the print version much, but I was wrong. Reading this in print is inexplicably satisfying.

2. Zine Yearbook - Have you gotten behind on your zines? Well this annual collects the best of the past year and this really is a great overview of the whole scene.

3. The Disciples - I can't stop looking at this book. It is just SO well done.

1. The Tick: The Complete Edlund - After years of the Tick Omnibus collections going in and out of print - it's now available as an Omnibus of the Ominbuses so to speak. Darker and funnier than the TV shows.

2. The Great Derangement - Rolling Stone's Taibbi journeys through an America on the verge of a mental breakdown under the strain of war, politics and, of course, religion.

3. The Gum Thief - novelist Coupland sets his new in paperback novel in an office supply store where a middle-ag…

First Friday - Tonight!

Come down to the Avenue tonight for First Friday, where many of the merchants are open later for special events, sales and refreshments!

We're hanging out with Henry Owings from Chunklet, who'll be reading from his new book The Rock Bible. And then we'll play some Rock Band 2. Starts at 7.

If there are any drummers out there bring some sticks! That Neil Eber broke one of the sticks last time.


electionnightcheer, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. This little video clip from last night at the Hon Bar is one of the many cheers that went on all night, but nothing like the one that went off when Obama was announced the President Elect.

I'm speechless, but it was an amazing night. It's still all sinking in.

It was great seeing everyone there and spending the historic moments with friends.

Election Night 2008

We'll be hanging out at the Hon Bar tomorrow evening, watching the election coverage on multiple stations and it looks like there are tons of other bars that will be having their own election night events around town.

Vote, vote, vote!

Night of 100 Elvises Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for the 15th Anniversary of Night of 100 Elvises here at Atomic Books.

Cash or check only!

And we have (a very few) Obama shirts back in stock!