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Happy New Year

happynewyear2007, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. See you at the ball drop on 34th St!

Venus Zine Profiles Baltimore

I love new magazine day (usually on Tuesdays)! When the new magazine shipment comes in, I quickly make a stack for myself of everything I want to read/thumb-through.

In our most recent batch of mags, we finally got the new issue of Venus Zine (Venus #38 - the one with She & Him on the cover).

While thumbing through it we found, of all things, us!

Under Sarah Grant's Scene & Unheard section, there's a profile of Baltimore featuring our neighborhood Hampden, and mentions of friends like The Lexie Mountain Boys, Thrushes, the Ottobar, Dan Deacon, (and more!) as well as Atomic Books!

Last Week of 2008

It's almost over!!

This week's hours:

Mon-Tue 11am-7pm
Wed 11am-5pm (Book Club still on at 7pm!)
Fri-Sat 11am-7pm

Frank Miller & Hollywood

So, as I was curiously waiting to hear how Frank Miller's film take on Will Eisner's The Spirit did (and rooting for it), I started hearing a weird little voice inside my head.

That weird little voice was Frank's, from almost 15 years ago. I seem to remember him not liking Hollywood very much. (But hey, 15 years ago I didn't like sushi or olives.)

I'm not sure what any of this means, but I think it's interesting.

This illustration is from Overstreet's Fan #24 (June 1997).

Frank Miller from his "Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars Part One" column from Overstreet's FAN #5 (October 1995):
"Comic book cartoonists are to Hollywood what illegal immigrants are to California: a source of cheap labor."
Frank Miller from his "Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars Part Three" column from Overstreet's FAN #7 (December 1995):
"As sorry as the history of comics is in such matters, Hollywood's contempt for source material is the stuff of leg…

Holiday Hours This Week

monkeycookies, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. We're open from 11am - 8pm today and tomorrow.

11am - 6pm on Xmas Eve.

Closed Xmas day!

Back to our normal hours for the rest of the week - 11am-7pm.

Big Spender Winners

bigspenders, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. A few times a year we pull filled up Big Spenders from the bowl and they win stuff.

Winners today:

Sean Carton
Kasey Evick
Jackie ORegan
Stephen Phillips
Julian Walkley
Aaron Oldenburg

Come by the store for your winnings!

Rainy Days & Totoro

jumpingtotoro, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. These little jumping Totoros will cheer you up on rainy days like today. On the site soon!

RIP Bettie Page

Holiday Hours

Starting this Thursday we'll be open from 11am-8pm every day, except Sunday, which will be 11am-6pm.

December 19th, next Friday, will be the last day to place an order online and have it arrive in time for Xmas. Chances are, if you live on the East Coast and you place an order over the weekend, you'll probably get it in time if the items are still in stock...but that's pretty risky. You're a gambler, aren't you?

First Friday - Rock Band!

Tonight is First Friday in Hampden, which means you can get a lot of Xmasy shopping done around here. Stores are having events, sales and staying open later than usual.

We still have tons of sale items, and we'll be hanging out playing some Rock Band.

I'm in the mood to rock out some Joan Jett tonight. Starts at 7pm.

And don't forget, this Sunday is the Mayor's Christmas Parade, which starts at 2pm. I hear that Underdog has a new character this year.

Tonight - Kramers Ergot 7

warespread, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. 7pm! See this amazing giant book with your own eyes!

Zine Yearbook

We end our Reading Club's Periodicals Year with Zine Yearbook 9, an anthology of the past year's best in zine and independent publishing. If you'd like a taste of what's been going on in zines or have lost touch with the scene, this is the perfect handy snapshot of the moment to get you up to speed.

15% off for the month and we'll have our discussion on the last Wednesday of the month, 7pm!