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January Baltozine Round-Up

This year promises to be an explosive one for Baltimore music. New records from Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, Wye Oak, Double Dagger, Lo Moda, Arbouretum - to name just a few.

So every so often on the blog, I'll try and keep track of new magazines that come in that talk about Baltimore music.

In Under The Radar #25:
Dan Deacon - Bromst
Score: 8/10
"...this album delivers an extremely interesting study in our relationship to the analog and digital worlds. It's Deacaon's most ambitious collection of songs to date." - Paul Bullock

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
Score: 7/10
"Their droning, formerly aimless wanderings (Animal Collective have always been much more about the journey than the destination) now contained brief moments of potent purpose." - Jim Scott

In Paste #50:
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
"After all, hands are meant not to be jettisoned up in frustration at dead-end lyrics, but thrown in the air as if you just didn…

Book Club Cookies

bookclubcookies, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Who cares what the weather is like right now because we have cookies for Reading Club tonight. And tea. Because that's what you want when discussing Bukowski, right?

Well, we'll have beer, too.

And as we talk about Post Office, there's also some mind-boggling news about the state of the Post Office.

Japanese Revenge Gore Teensploitation Movies

So lately, I've been on this movie kick. I've been into these Japanese Revenge Gore Teensploitation movies, so I've been getting a bunch in for the store.

So if you're in the the mood for some fun winter watching, with over the top geysers of blood, ridiculous violence, and weird kids, check some out. I can't get enough, personally.

Attack Girls Swim Team Vs. The Undead DVD
Chain Gang Girls DVD
Cruel Restaurant DVD
Death Row Girls DVD
The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai DVD
Karaoke Terror: The Complete Japanese Showa Songbook DVD
Machine Girl DVD
Strange Circus DVD
Tokyo Gore Police DVD

Actually, I'm not sure if Japanese Revenge Gore Teensploitation is a real genre, or if all of these movies would technically fit into such a genre, but I'm lumping 'em together anyway.

Check out this trailer for Karaoke Terror.

Happy New Year! Again!

Happy Year of the Ox! Maybe it'll turn the markets bullish...ha!

Ox, like Rat, isn't the easiest year, if you believe in such things. But will you have to beware of "danger tools" like me?

Get Your War On Moves On

And so itends.

The Tree Show

treeshowcover, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. Finally in - Mark Ryden's new book, The Tree Show.

Did Babo See Obama?


Obama In Baltimore

Obama, originally uploaded by bwillen. Were you there today?


It's a crazy time in the city right now. What with our Mayor being indicted, the Ravens in the playoffs, Obama here on Saturday, Anthony Bourdain shooting a segment for No Reservations, the year long celebration of Poe kicking off this month, and all the other millions of things going on - this Year of the Ox is going to be something.

Am I weird for feeling optimistic?

Wham City Makes The Travel Guides

It's that time of the year for us, when we start pouring through catalogs of books scheduled to come out this spring & summer.

One book we were keeping an eye out for is the Moon Baltimore Handbook - a Baltimore travel guide we KNOW will be good because it's written by a pal of ours, Geoff Brown.

When we saw the solicitation for the book, we were amused that our friends over at Wham City are now officially travel guide worthy - right up there with Francis Scott Key, Babe Ruth, crab cakes and Edgar Allan Poe. Funny, strange and awesome.

Congrats to you all.

Ye Old English Dunny Series

YOEdunny, originally uploaded by sugarfreak. The new Dunnys released January 22nd will be an all UK artist series!

We'll have a party that night. Starts at 7pm!

Wye Oak 4 Stars!

The new issue of Mojo (#183) just came in this week.

As is my habit, I like to thumb through it and see what the British music press are talking about. Usually, it has something to do with Oasis. (Yeah, I know!)

This time I noticed our friends Wye Oak were reviewed.

Their CD If Children pulled in 4 stars! Congratulations and nice job!

You can listen to some of the music off the CD here.

Zombie Zine

Heads up, zombie fans! There's a new zombie zine on the scene and it's pretty sweet.

Lots of zombie reviews (books, comics, movies), and more.

Rigor Mortis is your one stop zombie shop - in zine form.

It's delicious, like braaaaaiiiinnsssss...

Reading Club 2009 - Cult Club

This year's Reading Club is going to focus on Cult Classics - books and authors that have a cult-like following. It's always difficult to select the books for the year, but this one was particularly tricky because over 95% of the books we carry could fit the definition of cult reading...and what exactly is that definition, anyway?

We'll save that for the first discussion!

We meet every last Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm, at Atomic Books.

This year, instead of each book being discounted for its month, you can sign up for the club at the store and just get the 15% off for any of these books at any time this year. (So you can get a head start on some of these!)

January Post Office
Feb Story of O
March No Logo
April The Fountainhead
May Our Band Could Be Your Life
June Tank Girl
July Life After God
August Kitchen
Sept Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
October In Cold Blood
November Jokes Told in Heaven About Babies
December Illuminatus Trilogy